January 14, 2021

In this issue: Inaugural Artifacts from the Museum Collection, Paul Sparrow on WAMC Radio, Digital Research and Discovery, Dr. Abby Gondek on the Rescued Children of France, FDR's Four Inaugurations, 1.2 Million Stamps, the 1933 Inaugural Speech

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2pm Facebook Premiere
January 20th is Inauguration Day –  and we'll mark the occasion by taking a look back at FDR's unprecedented four presidential inaugurals. Join Supervisory Curator Herman Eberhardt as we explore historic artifacts, documents, photographs, and film from the inaugural ceremonies of 1933, 1937, 1941, and 1945. Live Q&A in the comments on Facebook.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
FDR Library Director Paul Sparrow will join WAMC Northeast Public Radio's the Roundtable Tuesday morning, the day before the inauguration, to offer historic perspective.

The digitization of archival materials helps researchers uncover history that might otherwise be overlooked. Roosevelt Institute Morgenthau Scholar Dr. Abby Gondek talks to FDR Library Supervisory Archivist Kirsten Carter about how data visualizations from 3,000 letters from the public about the Emergency Refugee Center in Oswego, NY, reveal evidence of American responses to the Holocaust.

From January 2014:
Richard Breitman examines the historical debate over whether President Franklin D. Roosevelt was indifferent to or a defender of the Jews of Europe during World War II. “President Roosevelt and Early News of the Holocaust” was a program at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Broadcast by CSPAN (Video, 1 hour 18 minutes).

Historian Richard Breitman

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only president who will ever have four inaugurations (thanks to the 22nd Amendment.) And each of his inaugurations was historic in its own way. A blog by FDR Library Director Paul Sparrow.

FDR was an avid, lifelong stamp collector who gathered over 1.2 million stamps into his personal collection. He began collecting stamps at the age of eight at the suggestion of his mother, Sara Delano Roosevelt, who passed on her collection to him. This is the very first stamp album from the President’s collection.

Excerpts from FDR's famous 1933 Inaugural Address (7:20 minutes)

I admire Frances Perkins, that she stayed Secretary of Labor through all of FDR’s presidential years. I enjoyed listening to her grandson [Tomlin Coggeshall] take part in the Library’s program, The New Deal Today: The Grandchildren Speak. I love the picture of Perkins and FDR having a great laugh together, and wonder what was so funny.

Nancy Chando, a Library member, docent, and Docent Coordinator from Hurley, NY.
"Whatever our individual circumstances or opportunities, we are all in it, and our spirit is good... and do not let anyone tell you anything different." FDR, Oct 12, 1942, fireside chat.

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