July 29, 2021

In this issue: The Museum is Open, FDR's Wheelchair, James Tobin on FDR and Polio, the March of Dimes, a Camping Summer Activity, the Atlantic Charter, FDR in Warm Springs.

We have begun our phased reopening of the museum with online timed ticket sales only (and no onsite sales), limited hours and attendance. Hours are 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (with last entry time at 2:45 p.m.)

The FDR Library research room will begin limited, appointment-only research hours in August 2021.

FDR's Wheelchair
August 4, 2pm
One hundred years ago this August, Franklin Roosevelt was stricken with polio and permanently paralyzed below the waist. Join Supervisory Curator Herman Eberhardt for a special program about FDR's disability that includes one of the President's wheelchairs and a set of his steel leg braces.
From June 2014:
FDR's career was shattered when he contracted polio in 1921. Historian James Tobin examines how Roosevelt went from life-altering illness to the presidency.


Junior officers at the San Diego Naval Air Station converted an aerial practice bomb into this coin bank, filled it with $15 in dimes for polio research, and presented it to FDR as a birthday gift in 1942.

The Roosevelts loved nature and took advantage of the great outdoors whenever and wherever they could, enjoying every opportunity to go for a picnic or to camp out.

Why not plan a camp out...or a camp in.?

President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill of Great Britain agreed to the Atlantic Charter at their first wartime conference, August 9-12, 1941. It was not an official document, but rather a joint statement expressing the war aims of the two countries--one technically neutral and the other at war.

Silent footage of FDR in Warm Springs, GA, in 1932.

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"Whatever our individual circumstances or opportunities, we are all in it, and our spirit is good... and do not let anyone tell you anything different." FDR, Oct 12, 1942, fireside chat.

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