December 17, 2020

At Home with the Roosevelts will be taking next week off for the holidays, and the following week's newsletter will be a shortened edition.

In this issue: The USO with Sheppy Green, the Groundbreaking Bessie Margolin, the Bittersweet Letter Z in our Museum Alphabet, FDR's Christmas Lists, and Practice your Curtsies for the King and Queen of England.

In 1941, FDR created the United Services Organization, more simply and popularly known as the USO, to 'bring a little bit of home' to the young Americans who were serving in the Armed Forces across the globe. Join host Sheppy Green for this funny and informative look at the USO.

From June 2016:
Lawyer and legal professor Marlene Trestman discusses Bessie Margolin, a groundbreaking attorney who made her mark before the Supreme Court by winning 21 of 24 cases, drafted the rules for the Nuremberg Trials, and founded the National Organization for Women (NOW). Broadcast by C-SPAN (Video 39:36 minutes).


Z is for Zebra. This 1939 wood engraving print by James Reid was created for the Pennsylvania Art Project, Federal Art Project, Works Progress Administration (WPA).

The holiday season brings about the list maker in all of us, well, at least in those of us who give gifts – or make lists. President Roosevelt certainly took a hands-on approach to the Christmas season.

In 1941, the staff at the Roosevelt Library celebrated the new institution’s first Christmas by decorating President Roosevelt’s private study. The adornments included this small, blue stocking for FDR’s beloved Scottish terrier, Fala.

Do you have all of your holiday cards sent out yet? In 1939, FDR and Eleanor received this card from King George VI & Queen Elizabeth, fondly recalling their visit to the United States and the President's hospitality.

And so you can share in some of their memories, here is footage of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth arriving in New York City and visiting the World's Fair in 1939. (11:13 minutes)

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"Whatever our individual circumstances or opportunities, we are all in it, and our spirit is good... and do not let anyone tell you anything different." FDR, Oct 12, 1942, fireside chat.

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