Support your local growers + food producers.
Enjoy summer's bounty as we close out July this Friday!

Tomatoes are coming in strong on all of our farms now. Even if the heirlooms look a little less perfect on the outside due this hot, dry weather—now is the time to savor the flavor & variety! The heat has naturally slowed lettuce production for a bit, so focus on vegetable salads using cucumbers, tomatoes, abundant flavorful herbs, and microgreens! Watermelon & corn made their debut last week, and more is expected Friday. Blackberries are becoming more plentiful. A variety of peaches & nectarines are available now, including those sweet little Saturn/donut peaches. So much local goodness all around...and that's just the produce!

Preorders are still welcomed & appreciated by vendors who have the option, so find this week's lineup below, and place orders by the deadlines noted.

A note about the weather on market days: With storms being unpredictable throughout summer, we will pause operations if conditions are unsafe, but otherwise, we're committed to being there—rain or shine! Check Facebook & Instagram for updates if you're unsure.
Vendor News

  • Canter Hill will be away next week, so stock up this week. Also, it's their once-a-year sale on all kinds of chicken cuts! Details below.
  • Mediterranean Delicacy plans to return next Friday 8/7.
  • Check out our newest vendor My Greens, a Kennett-based microgreens grower!
Community Corner

Help us keep Kennett area kids learning this summer by donating "Mighty Fun Packs" for the local Mighty Writers program ! Click the red box to learn how to create & donate packs with things like pens, notepads, fun stamps, markers, etc.

There will be a drop off bin at market entry starting this week through the month of July. Thank you!
Market Hours
Please help us by respecting these designated hours .
  • 3–3:30pm is reserved for seniors & other at-risk customers
  • 3:30–6pm is for all customers

Location & Parking
Find us in the  parking area of  The Creamery of Kennett Square  @ 401 Birch St. The Creamery is open starting at 3pm on Fridays.

FREE PARKING is available on the WEST side of 226 East Birch St ( across the street from Braeloch Brewing.) We encourage you to use this lot versus the street to be respectful to residents on Birch.

Safe Shopping Guidelines

  • We continue to require masks per the state of Pennsylvania.

  • Unless you are a senior 60+ or at higher riskPLEASE WAIT until 3:30pm to arrive!

  • Follow our signs to ENTER at the EAST end of The Creamery lot near the vintage pickup truck. We encourage you to exit on the West end to help us keep the entry space open.

  • Shop with only 1-2 people per household if at all possible, and leave pets (except for service animals) at home. Groups & pets make it harder to practice social distancing.

  • When using cash, change IS available from most vendors at this point, but we encourage you to pay with exact change as much as possible. Bring plenty of small bills.

  • PLEASE only handle product you are purchasing.

  • Clean, reusable bags are OK, but please pack them yourselves.

  • Of course, stay home if you have any signs of illness.
Breezy Acre Flowers
Benuel King has  chemical-free   produce  and gorgeous  cut mixed flower bouquets, sunflowers & zinnias every Friday.

This week's harvest:
Cherry tomatoes,   heirloom tomatoes lima beans , green beans, potatoes (red, fingerling & Yukon gold),  green peppers,  purple peppers, garlic heads, onions, beets, carrots, and maybe cucumbers & green zucchini. Also, seedless & seeded watermelons and some cantaloupe!

He harvested a bit of sweet corn last week, and he hopes to have more this week!

Payment options: (no cards)
Cash or Check payable to "Benuel King"
Birchrun Hills Farm
Walk-up sales available
ORDER DEADLINE:  Thurs @ 12 noon
Birchrun Hills Farm  is a small family dairy farm with an on-site creamery in northern Chester County, PA. The Miller family controls every step of how their products are made, from sustainably growing crops to feed their herd of 80 holstein cows and producing high-quality milk—to making and aging cheeses in their underground aging-facility.

Jesse brings a range of cheeses on 1st/3rd/5th Fridays—from their famous Birchrun Blue to fresh, mild spreads, with a lot of wonderful variety in between.

Select  "Kennett Square Farmers Market"  as your pickup location.

Payment options:
Card, Cash, Check, Apple Pay or any tap-to-pay
Brandywine Bee Company
The Langers bring  pure, raw wildflower honey from their own local hives every 1st/3rd/5th Friday. They also have creamed honey , great for spreading on toast!

Also, beeswax-based products  like clean-burning candles, hand salves, soaps, leather dressing and wood preservative.

Payment options:
Card, Cash, Check
Canter Hill Farm
ORDER DEADLINE:  Wed by midnight
Away next week, so stock up this week! AND this is their once-a-year CHICKEN SALE! Find all the details here: Annual Chicken Sale

Pasture-raised poultry & eggs, pork, and grass-fed beef & lamb. A wide variety of cuts along with an assortment of sausages made from pork, chicken, lamb & turkey.

*They have a variety for walk-up sales. Please preorder only if you are considered high risk –or– if you plan to order 6+ items –or– want to bulk buy more than 4 packs of one product. Thank you!

See ordering info on their website .
Email order list & name:  and note  "pickup in Kennett this week"

Payment options:
Card, Venmo, Cash, Check
Family Tree Plants
Nick Castelli has a variety of well-tended  annuals for your beds & containers,  succulents + cacti,  vegetable + herb plants  grown in his Oxford greenhouse.  Read more about Nick here . He is at market each week through 8/14.

Nick is bringing more basil plants for your gardens this week!

Payment options: (no cards)
Cash or Check payable to "Nick Castelli"
Fiddle Creek Dairy
Some walk-up sales available
ORDER DEADLINE:  Thurs @ 12 noon
Every other week, Tim brings 100% grass-fed milk from their micro-dairy in Quarryville. And  the best Greek & Swiss yogurts around —all natural, no fillers, no sweeteners. Plus Camembert cheese!  Some of their grass-fed beef is available, including beef sticks & beef jerky.

They also have lacto-fermented foods from friends at Gap View Homestead—delicious ginger carrots, sauerkraut, a mild gingery kimchi & beet kvass. Also pickled beets (not fermented).

Select  "Pickup at Kennett Square Farmers Market"  under shipping options

If you want to preorder but pay with cash or check, please email by the order deadline:

Payment options:
Cash or Check payable to "Fiddle Creek Dairy"
Flying Plow Farm
DEADLINE:  Wed @ 11:59pm
Seasonal greens, vegetables & herbs from their certified organic farm in Rising Sun. Also pasture-raise eggs, chicken & grass-fed beef as available.*

This week: herbs, Italian & Japanese  eggplant,  heirloom & red slicing  tomatoes , tomatillos, potatoes , curly kale, beets, garlic, scallions, broccolini,  summer squash , zucchini, cucumbers, blackberries and more.

*Please preorder their eggs, chicken & beef, as they may not have all of these items at market. BULK tomatoes & tomatillos, cucumbers, beets & summer squash available by preorder.

Be sure to select "Kennett Square" as pickup location

Payment options:
Cards, Cash or Check
Orders close  Thurs @ 11 AM
David Arias is a Kennett-based  microgreens  grower, bringing them to market every 1st/3rd/5th Friday. Microgreens are younger versions of traditional vegetables and herbs. Despite their small size, microgreens are loaded with nutrients & flavor!

This week's harvest:
Sunflower shoots, Pea shoots, Kale, Mix Salad, Arugula, and Purple Radish microgreens

Or text 302.766.3453
Provide name, contact info, selection & note pickup at KSQ Farmers Market.

Payment options:
Cards, Venmo, Cash or Check
Rex Farms Orchard / Big Hill Ciderworks
Troy & Maria are at market every Friday with a  variety of fruit  harvested from their family farm & orchards in Adams County PA!

This week's produce:
Peaches & nectarines (white & yellow)
Saturn/donut peaches
Shiro plums (yellow)

Also award-winning  farm-to-bottle hard ciders  — grown, pressed, fermented, bottled & distributed right from the orchards. Utilizing traditional cider making methods of slow fermentation, barrel aging and wild yeast fermentation, their ciders showcase a distinct flavor profile unique to their orchards & region.

Hard cider selection:
Standard, Little Round Hop, Summer Scrumpy, Michaux Mule, Barrel Aged, Kingston Black, Golden Russet, Manchurian, Dolgo Crabapple, Fresa Amarga, Marmalade, and Farmhouse. (Read flavor profiles for each at the Big Hill Ciderworks website .)

Payment options:
Cash or Card
Swallow Hill Farm
Elizabeth & Douglas use organic and regenerative practices on their farm in Cochranville. They bring incredibly "fine produce home grown with love" to KSQ every week!

This week's harvest:
Tomatoes: Brandy Boy, Speckled Roman (pictured)
Variety of summer squash : green zucchini & yellow Tempest squash & Sunburst patty pans
Persian cucumbers
Sweet onions
Red onions
Shishito Peppers
(Some) Green beans
(Some) Peppers: Carmen, green bell

Payment options: (no cards)
Cash or Check payable to "Douglas Randolph"
Brandywine Valley Bread
Some walk-up sales available
ORDER DEADLINE:  Thurs before 7 AM
Fran bakes  naturally leavened (sourdough)  using all local & organic grains milled in-house, creating more flavorful & more easily digestible breads.

This week's menu:
Baguettes: S eeded & Non-seeded
Boule:  Levain, Pane Bianco
Pullmans:  White Sandwich, Seeded Ancient Grain
Bagels:  Plain, Sesame, Salt, Poppy, Asiago, Everything, Onion, Everything Onion
Pastry:  Morning bun (vegan option), Croissant (plain, chocolate)

BE SURE TO SELECT "Kennett Square Market"  in the Local Pickup dropdown menu.

Payment options:
Cards, Exact Cash or Check
Deer Creek Malthouse
Some walk-up sales available
ORDER DEADLINE:  Thurs @ 3pm
Deer Cre ek  Ma ltho us e  offers  baking ingredients , a variety of  grains  (whole kernel, coarse or stone ground),  home-brewing ingredients and kits , craft  foods  and  beverages  - all made from  100% locally grown grain .

Novice Bundle – Fuel your home baking hobby and save! This bundle includes many of our popular dry mixes in a single box with a bundle savings of >24% off retail.

Advanced Bundle – Packed with a variety of grain and malt ingredients (both flour & whole kernel), this bundle is built for improvisation and innovation at home. High quality, flavorful, locally grown raw ingredients are showcased with a bundle savings of >16% off retail.

Select  "Kennett Square Farmers Market"  in the Local Pickup dropdown menu. Direct all inquiries to:
717.746.6258 /

Payment options:
Taste of Puebla
Walk-up sales available
ORDERS encouraged by  Thurs @ 10pm
Enjoy Taste of Puebla at home! Corn chips, guac, salsas, beans, rice, tamales (cold only), pozole, burrito packs, chili poblano, Mexican lentils, pulled pork, mole poblano, Mexican rice, black beans, etc. They also have Taco Kits & Nacho Kits! All freshly made with care in their commercial kitchen here in Kennett Square.

Select location: "Kennett Square Farmers Market"

Payment options:
Cards, Cash or Check
Tat's Yummies
Walk-up sales available
ORDER DEADLINE:  Thurs @ 12 noon
Melina is a baker specializing in  European patisseries that reflect her heritage and family traditions. She has a  wide variety of sweet delicacies , including petit fours, macaron, pastries, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and pies—made with simple, natural ingredients. Also tender, savory foccacia & mini quiches!

To Preorder:
Select from  Melina's menu HERE
Email or call:  / 302.480.0444
Provide name, contact info & note order is for KSQ Farmers Market pickup.

She also creates custom cakes for special occasions, so reach out in advance for your needs.

Payment options:
PayPal or Cash
Bee Our Guest Wraps
ORDER DEADLINE: Thurs @ 10pm
Adriana & Peter make the most beautiful & functional food wraps using a beeswax blend applied to locally-sourced fabric to keep foods fresh! Easy to use & easy to maintain, their beeswax wraps help you reduce single-use plastic in your kitchen every day. They also have cloth masks for sale!

The wraps should be good for a year's worth of use, but once the beeswax wears down, please don't throw them out—bring them back to have them restored!

At checkout, select "PICKUPS" then email to let them know you'll pickup at the KSQ market this week.

Payment options:
Cards, PayPal, Cash, Check
Botanical Bubbles
Walk-up sales available
ORDER DEADLINE:  Thurs @ 12 noon
Sherri's  handmade soaps, hand sanitizer, soothing salves, oil blends,  beard care, laundry butter, and other products help you take care of body & home naturally.

She has a great natural insect repellant (for humans!) and seasonal berry soaps !

* Preorders are welcomed, as since she doesn't bring her full line of products to market!

Her site will send up to checkout through PayPal.
Be sure to  click on "Pickup $0.00"

Payment options:
Venmo or Cash App
Cash or Check payable to "Sherri Jarvis"
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