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December 2, 2018

This is the 3rd edition of the Muñiz Academy monthly newsletter sharing thoughts and experiences from our faculty and students to give insight into what we do. Enjoy!

Dr. Dania Vázquez
The Honor Roll

This month we celebrate the number of students that made Honor Roll this 1 st Quarter! 107 students made the grade, more than one third of our student body! One highlight is that almost half of  the 9 th graders made Honor Roll. Way To Go, Muniz Stars!
Gibelis Santana - 12th Grade Student
In art class this semester, pointillism has been part of the course of study. Developed by George Seurat, the neo-impressionist French painter, the technique involves painting tiny dots of various pure colors that become blended in the viewer’s eye. Muniz Academy art teacher, Daniel Villafaña, approaches an art period from both an historical and a technical perspective. Gibelis Santanna, 12 th grader, worked diligently for over 8 hours to paint the 16’ by 20’ canvas depicting a naturalist setting which has luminosity and brilliance of color.
Deer Island Visit - Waste Water Treatment Plant
12 Grade Class - Ms. Arielle Freeman
Seniors taking Environmental Science traveled to Deer Island Water Treatment Facility in Winthrop. We saw the process of cleaning wastewater in action at the most technologically advanced water treatment plant in the country. By combining this trip with our unit on Water Quality and Treatment, students have a strong understanding of where household wastewater goes and by what processes it is treated. Students also understand how drinking water is treated before it reaches our taps.

The Day for Giving Thanks!
At Muniz Academy, we focus on social justice. We are vigilant that fairness and justice governs our actions. We are specifically aware of the inequitable distribution of wealth, opportunitie, and privilege that exists around us. As Thanksgiving time drew near, the students were acutely aware of the injustice surrounding housing and food and wanted to do something about it. 
It was a lucky coming together when Antonette Cabral and Angie Oller, Community Police Officers from the Boston Police Department, approached Ruth Senise, our Family Coordinator, asking us to join forces with them in organizing a food drive to gather, package and distribute food to needy families just before Thanksgiving. This joint effort successfully gathered 150 abundant Thanksgiving dinners that were distributed to those in need.  

Our students put muscle behind their belief about social justice.

Alejandro Jiménez - 2016 Alumnus
When I came to the Muniz Academy in 9 th grade, I had never had any music instruction at all. The music education that I encountered here opened an unexpected door for me that has changed my life.
Music is a sacred thing for me that has given me a whole other world in which to live, an entirely different language that connects me to people all over. The more I learn, the more fun it is. Music makes me happy. I have come to love different types of music: jazz, gospel, classical, Latin. I am now a Music Education Major at UMass Boston. I am passionate about the profession I have chosen. One in which I can play music and have a true career. I look forward to learning as much as I can so that I can teach music and share my love for it with my students, probably in middle or high school. 
Thank you, Muniz Academy!

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