At Work for You - Monday, January 29, 2018

In an effort to streamline our communications with you, we have taken four DIOPA newsletters and condensed them into two. This one   - At Work for You   - will continue to update you weekly on Diocesan initiatives, events and news from the Bishop. Our other newsletter,  DIOPA Connections , will continue to share what is happening in each parish - events, service changes, items for sale, etc.

An inspired day across the Diocese. Visits to All Hallows, St. Simon the Cyrenian, St. Augustine of Hippo and the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas.

Episcopal Church bishops in Pennsylvania and New England are rallying football fans in their dioceses - and beyond - to join  in a charitable contest over the next week to see how much money they can raise for Episcopal Relief & Development (ERD) by game time on Sunday, February 4, 6:30 p.m., when the Eagles and the Patriots compete in the big game.  Read more .

Would you be interested in utilizing your parish as a community health and prevention center  at no cost to you?  In our efforts to be active in advocating for social and economic equality, we are working toward having our parishes be points of access to care in addition to places of worship. Read more.

Join us for a festive Holy Eucharist to honor the memory a spiritual leader who is also an historical figure from our city and Diocese. Read more.

Want to make your parish hall more rentable? Join us on 2/3 to learn how to get the most out of your church building. This workshop will provide you with guidance and resources to help your congregation get the most out of these precious assets. Read more.

During Bishop GutiĆ©rrez's pilgrimage, it was discovered that a number of congregations needed small  to medium capital improvements in order to expand their capacity for ministry, hospitality, and  community engagement. For some churches this meant a renovation to a room for youth; repairing an old HVAC system; improving access with handicapped ramps; repaving the parking lot; or replacing old windows with new energy-efficient ones.  Read more .

Current investors with questions, or anyone interested in learning how The Church Foundation can assist in managing financial assets will benefit in attending.  Read more.

Do you want to be an advocate for those living with addiction? Learn and be inspired in a day of breakout sessions and panel discussions. Agenda and registration information available at Lunch will be provided as part of the program which takes place at All Saints Torresdale. Download posters here and hereRead more.

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