Have you been wondering how to navigate the changing disposables landscape? Unsure how tariffs may impact your next order of plastic disposables? Or, not sure how to streamline your supply chain process? You are not alone. Those questions, and some of the answers, are also top of my mind. And so, I’m excited to share with you At Your Disposal, a newsletter direct from Tiger Packaging that will highlight trends in the packaging industry and logistics as well as insights on relevant issues impacting your business. At Your Disposal will provide tips and tools to help identify solutions to those questions and present you with a full plate of options and resources (pun intended).

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Peter Horwitz, Founder & CEO, Tiger Packaging
GRASPING AT STRAWS  As we all know, major cities have instituted bans on plastic straws, bags or food containers and several well-known restaurant chains and food packaging companies are following suit. The high usage of plastics in our daily lives is staggering. Yet, plastics are a cost-effective material that have become an integral part of any restaurant business. There are ways to navigate this shift to be more environmentally conscious, without negatively impacting your bottom line.

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The new tariffs and trade strategy currently underway in the United States are having broad-reaching impacts on businesses both big and small. I found this feature on sportswear manufacturer Columbia a fascinating case study in working through regulations and tariffs at every step in the supply chain. While Columbia might not be selling or packaging food, the lessons learned are relevant across industries. We can all benefit from taking a closer look at our products and manufacturing processes – small changes can lead to big savings. From the New York Times.
We worked closely with a 200+-unit restaurant chain whose margins were narrowed by overuse of napkins (of all things!). Our quick fix? Switching to a more cost-effective napkin and replacing existing dispensers with a controlled system to dispense one napkin at a time, which helped save the client 20 to 30% in total costs. Clean and simple!

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