At Your Fingertips
April 2021 | Issue 4
Calling All Students!

We are constantly reminding you that we seek suggestions on any number of things, from ways we can make your experience with our site more seamless, to curriculum improvements, and more. Well, here we are asking for another favor... a student connection!
We would deeply appreciate it if you could help us distribute this STUDENT SURVEY to your classes. It should only take them a few minutes, but it will help us develop some fun plans we hope to get rolling, including ways to personalize their page or customize their learning, including providing insights for an online ASL game we are partnering with someone to develop and offer in the future.

so you know what we are asking! All answers will be anonymous and we are collecting no personal information on anyone, we just want to do what we can to make sure our most important subscribers voices are being heard.
Branching Out!
It should be obvious by now that we love our ASLdeafined educators! You are why we are here. Yet, we know that you cannot do it alone, so we wanted to share that we are branching out - literally!

ASLdeafined is hoping to convince public libraries to offer our program to support ASL students outside of school, as well as the general public who may not have other ways to begin learning American Sign Language.

It doesn't end there, though! If you know anyone in law enforcement, the healthcare profession, or small business, these are all areas where we hope to make connections and support training. Our goal is to assist professionals with having more clear and meaningful interactions with the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community in the course of their daily work.

Feel free to share our new ad above so we can continue to nudge others toward a more inclusive society.