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While life is never quiet at Tripepi Smith, it is about to get crazier. The local government conference season is upon us. Between now and December, I will find myself in Sacramento, Indian Wells, Nashville, Long Beach and Santa Barbara. There will not be a safe bacon-wrapped date in sight.

This hectic pace of conference season will be underpinned by another development: three new associates joined our team on August 28, bringing our band of communication experts to 18... plus a few consultants. That is 18 brains that wake every morning thinking about how to help our clients execute on their visions, deliver their messages or otherwise advance communities. I am really proud of the talent we have assembled at Tripepi Smith, and based on the client feedback, clients love our hiring secret sauce.

When you work in the local government sector–whether at a private company or public agency–there is a sense of a shared mission. Within Team Tripepi Smith, we often discuss our role in helping our public and private clients advance the local government space, and how we have been entrusted by those we serve, and therefore, we must serve those who trust us well. Hence, not only do we like to win RFPs and grow our team, but we also turn right around and sponsor conferences, speak on panels and share ideas at large with the hopes of advancing the sector.

Our team judges our work based on the impact we would leave if we disappeared tomorrow. It is a threshold that helps us evaluate if we are making the positive impact across local government that we sought to make over ten years ago when we got into the business.

Would you miss Tripepi Smith if we were gone? I know I would miss all of you.

See you on the conference circuit.

At Your Service,
Facebook for Emergency Communications
Tripepi Smith participated in Facebook's recent Facebook Live on emergency communications, gathering politics/government experts’ insights on using Facebook to spread safety and recovery information.

The Sixth Council Member: Social Media
President Ryder Todd Smith's wisdom about the evolution of 21st-century community engagement and the impact of social media on local government is featured in the 2019 September issue of Western City Magazine.

Tripepi Smith Photography Featured on Cover of Western City Magazine
We are very proud to announce that Business Analyst Bria Balliet’s photo was featured on the cover of the 2019 April issue of Western City Magazine

Client Highlight: City of Paramount
Paramount is a business-friendly, growing community of landscaped boulevards, enhanced police service, parks, recreation programs, affordable housing, public art and tree-lined neighborhoods with white
picket fences.

The City engages Tripepi Smith for services spanning video production, content development, strategic communications and market intelligence.

Spring/Summer Conference Plans
Upcoming Conference Plans
Find  #TeamTS on the local government conference circuit this fall.

  • MMANC Annual Conference (Sacramento, CA)
  • LoCC Annual Conference (Long Beach, CA)
  • ICMA Annual Conference (Nashville, TN)
  • MMASC Annual Conference (Santa Barbara, CA)
Service Spotlight: Graphic Design
At the intersection of art and technology, graphic design tells a story that words alone can’t convey. Engage your audience’s senses with art that enhances your message.

Tripepi Smith has seven in-house team members with Adobe Creative Suite, empowering our graphic designers to produce eye-catching graphics that amplify your agency's voice.

Talent On Tap
Skylar Hunter
A natural innovator, Skylar is responsible for making the City of Lake Forest the first city to allow public comment through Facebook Live chat. Prior to joining our team, he was the City's public relations specialist, where he launched the live stream of City Council meetings via Facebook Live and developed his expertise in film production, graphic design, writing and social media advertising. Skylar holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film from CSU Long Beach as well as a Master of Arts in Film from Chapman University and a Master of Arts in Public Relations from Full Sail University.

Skylar puts his skills to use for #TripepiSmithVIPs , including the City of Vallejo, City of Huntington Beach, California Joint Powers Insurance Authority, Renne Public Law Group and much more.
Tripepi Smith provides marketing, technology and public affairs solutions for private companies and public agencies. Whether you're redoing your website, driving an email campaign, shooting a video or launching on Facebook,
Tripepi Smith can help.
Meet Tripepi Smith
Watch our company culture and #TeamTS interview series called, 'Meet Tripepi Smith,' to learn about the people, culture and values that drive our firm.

Our 'Meet Tripepi Smith' video series shows you what goes on behind the screen at one of California's leading marketing-technology-public affairs firms.

Meet Tripepi Smith.
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