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When he was eleven years old, Quentin and his four siblings were removed from his mother and entered protective care. Unable to be placed together, the family was spread out among different foster homes. When Quentin’s CASA, Rose, first met him more than a decade ago, she encountered a boy who escaped his chaotic life through reading a lot. He was quiet, closed off, quick to anger, and hesitant to trust. Over ten years in “the system” Quentin was assigned to five different case workers and lived in eight different placements. To Quentin, it often felt like his caseworkers didn’t listen to him and didn’t care about what he needed. In one moment of frustration, he told a case worker “You don’t care. I’m just a number to you.”

Rose was there through it all. His relationship with her was different. Sometimes he wouldn’t speak to his caseworker, but when a problem came up, Rose was his first phone call. When Quentin aged out of DCFS care at age 21, he didn’t have a place to live. At one point, he was just a week away from having to move into a shelter. Separated from most of his family for years, Rose was the longest consistent relationship that Quentin had. Rose worked with him to help him find housing options, she helped him move, and when one living situation fell through, Rose even arranged for Quentin to stay with Rose’s ex-husband for a few weeks until a more permanent solution could be found.

Rose has helped Quentin transition to adulthood. She has been so impressed with the attitude, patience, and forgiveness that Quentin has developed despite all that he has been through. Now, Quentin is working full-time and picking up extra shifts on the side as well. Rose helped him get on the waiting list for an affordable housing program, and in the near future he should have a place of his own for the first time.

Rose: “I know I nagged you a lot.”
Quentin: “Yeah, but you did it because you cared.”

Quentin is a perfect example of the challenge so many young adults face when exiting DCFS care. A CASA can be a lifeline to help with this difficult transition. I am so grateful that Quentin has Rose by his side.
Yours in advocacy,
Terri Zenner Greenberg
Executive Director
P.S. Quentin’s time in foster care would have been unbearable and his future unknown and difficult. Today, 82 children are on our wait list. Will you help us make sure every one of them has a CASA like Rose to fight for them?
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In just the last month...
250 Volunteers served as CASAs

477 children served by a CASA

12 children had cases close
Kudos for some amazing CASA Volunteers!

To CASA Brigid, whose CASA twins were recently returned to their father with the support of loving grandparents. Brigid was on the case for almost two years, visiting monthly in several different homes, writing reports, and attending court regularly. How wonderful to see a happy ending for these CASA children!

To CASA James for the relationship he has developed with the foster family in his case. The foster parents often reach out to James with questions and concerns, and he has been able to assist and advise them on several occasions. James has also developed a great relationship with his four year old CASA child. James has been steadfast in his visits, in writing his court reports and in attending court.  
To CASAs Ann and Michael who are partners on a challenging case which involves four children. Their CASA children were exposed to extreme environmental neglect for many years. In addition, the children were placed in two different foster homes, which are not located in close proximity to one another. During their first visit to meet the children, the CASAs decided to add a stop to see the three children in Ann’s current case and a visit to Michael’s CASA teen in his closed case.This resulted in a marathon day, driving 215 miles to see eight children in four foster homes.
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News and Upcoming Events
Change a Child’s Story with CASA and the Chicago Wolves
Join CASA and the Chicago Wolves on November 16th, as we team up to support foster children throughout the Chicago area. For every  two tickets purchased, a ticket will be donated to a Chicago-area foster child  so they can have a night of fun to escape the chaos of foster care. Additionally, for every ticket purchased, $5 will go to providing more CASA Volunteers to ensure that every child has an advocate and an ally by their side.

Allstate Arena
6920 Mannheim Rd Rosemont, Illinois 60018
Sat., Nov. 16, 7:00 p.m.
Tickets from $20
Michael Commemorates the Start of his Journey as a CASA Volunteer
Before training to be a CASA volunteer, Michael Berger spent the last 15 years running a marathon in each of the 50 states. As Michael ended this journey and began his journey as a CASA volunteer, he reflected back on the support of his friends and family. To pay it forward- Michael set up a social media fundraiser for CASA and he even encouraged his peers to consider becoming CASA volunteers themselves!
Congratulations on completing your goal Michael-and thank you for your support!
New Mission Partner
CASA is excited to announce our newest mission partner- North Shore Exchange! North Shore Exchange donates 100% of their profits to support Chicagoland charities in the human services sector. This year, the North Shore exchange selection committee selected CASA to receive a $25,000 grant. Since CASA is facing a larger than ever caseload this year, the support extended to us by North Shore Exchange is vital in ensuring that we meet our goal for every child in Lake County to have a volunteer by their side.

To learn more about North Shore Exchange click here:
A Big Thank You to our friends at St. Joseph Catholic Church
CASA thanks our generous friends at St.Joseph Catholic Church of Libertyville for their donation of $10,000 to CASA. It is with this support that we can provide best-in-class advocacy to our children.
Thank You Kuma's Corner Vernon Hills!
We want to give a big shout out to Kuma's Corner Vernon Hills for hosting a fundraiser for CASA and donating $2,258 for the children of Lake County! We are thankful for businesses like Kuma' Corner who give back to their community.

To learn more about Kuma's corner click here
Jewelers for Children Day 2019
Take some time to thank your local jeweler on September 28th- Jewelers for Children day.

Jewelers for children (JFC) was founded by the US jewelry industry to help children in need- including who have experienced abuse or neglect. JFC is one of national CASA's largest funders. JFC Day is an opportunity to let jewelers in our community know we appreciate JFC's support. On September 28th help us thank local jewelers by stopping by a store or tagging them on social media.
Volunteer Continuing Education Opportunity
Annual Workshop 2019

Youth Mental Health First Aid
This is a repeat of last year’s program.

Anyone, anywhere can be the one to make a difference in the life of someone with a mental health or substance use challenge – if they know what to do and what to say.

Very Limited enrollment – Don’t Wait!
Friday, October 25, 2019    8:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

To register, go to:  
CASA Thanks Our 2019 Mission Partners
Mission Statement

CASA Lake County is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the best interests of abused and neglected children within the juvenile court system. Based on the belief that every child is entitled to a safe and permanent home, thoroughly trained CASA volunteers work in collaboration with key agencies, legal counsel and community resources to serve as the child's advocate and represent the child's best interest in juvenile court.
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