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With the spring season comes renewal and growth down through our gardens and up through our lives. As with Spring, renewal and growth is the theme for Manufacturing Renaissance (MR) this season. Internally we're renewing and reforming operations from our financial management department to our training program designs infused with new partnerships. We are taking lessons learned from the past to heart and finding new ways of internalizing inclusion and equity through our work. Externally we're hopeful for our new Mayor and growing interest and urgency across the mainstream for more of the kind of development MR has been advocating for across decades. Hope continues to spring eternal at MR!

Thank you to the many partners, participants, funders, employees, board members, volunteers, members and supporters already involved. I'm excited to share the following updates through both of MR's program areas below with more details for some of the stories below on our What's New blog.

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Career Pathway Services
  1. Next West Side Young Manufacturers Association (YMA) Training Starting in August - Flier to Share Here
  2. High School Seniors Excited to Pursue Career-Track Opportunities in Manufacturing
Manufacturing Ecosystem Services
  1. A New Mayor for Chicago - A New Opportunity for Policy Centering Inclusive Manufacturing Ecosystems - Sign this petition to show support today!
  2. Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council Updates
  3. Honoring Women in Manufacturing
  4. Federation for a Manufacturing Renaissance Updates, including Flier here on upcoming webinar about Early Warning Systems to Grow Manufacturing Jobs
More Learning, More Doing
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Erica Swinney Staley
Executive Director
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Make a Monthly Gift -
Help More Youth Start Good Careers in Manufacturing
It's spring fundraiser time and we need your help to reach our goal! We want to win over 15 new monthly donors to help us reach farther into our communities and schools to get more young people exposed, inspired and prepared to start gainful, secure careers in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Renaissance (MR) does this work bringing our Career Pathways Services training directly into schools and directly into communities through a diversity of partnerships with others who also serve young people vulnerable to violence, poverty and in need of more access to opportunities.

We're also building diverse coalitions, like the Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council (regional) and the Federation for a Manufacturing Renaissance (national and international). These efforts are essential to raise awareness, expand similar programs and advance Inclusion and Industry 4.0 policies to maximize our collective impact building an economic bridge from both ends - on one side helping more people benefit from great careers and companies in manufacturing while on the other side building the capacities of cities and companies to expand access to inclusive manufacturing opportunities that can build thriving communities benefitting us all!

Grant aren't enough to sustain this work, we need more people like you who get-it and can chip in a little and together, we can build the kind of economy we deserve! Thank you for being part of the Manufacturing Renaissance today!
Photo above: MR Instructor Brence Turner and participant from the YMA training program Dovonta Scott who recently completed the YMA program and earned his NIMS credential.
Next West Side Young Manufacturers Association (YMA)
Training Starting in July
After a few months hiatus to hire, rewire and retool our training program for young adults, we're excited to get back into the mix with our next YMA training to start in August! We're also excited to partner with Bethel New Life who will host us for our next paid manufacturing career pathways training for young adults in Austin and surrounding West side neighborhoods. The YMA program is a low-barrier training program - easy in, easy out - for young adults ready to pursue full-time employment. We've updated our program, concentrating our training into 4-6 weeks, while adding more project-based learning, so that a young person learns exactly what they need to be successful on the job.

Interested? Fill out this form!
High School Seniors Excited to Pursue Career
Opportunities in Manufacturing!
Since January, Manufacturing Renaissance has been providing training and exposure to 50 high school seniors from 4 high schools across the West and South sides of Chicago. So far nearly half have already earned their Materials, Measurements and Safety credential from the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) with more to come in upcoming days!

DeeDee Jones, Industry Coordinator, is looking for a variety of work opportunities for graduating students. If you are a Chicago-area manufacturer hiring full and part-time permanent and seasonal positions, please contact DeeDee Jones today! djones@mfgren.org, 773-278-5418 x33

Read more about the Manufacturing Connect, in-school youth
program experience here.
Students from the Academy of Scholastic Achievement visiting Matot to learn about production techniques to make air dampeners and dumbwaiters!
First time on a CNC Lathe at Wright College, Humboldt Park Tech!
Seniors from Bogan High School on a field trip to Freedman Seating learning about how to make seating for public transportation!
A New Mayor for Chicago - A New Opportunity for Policy Centering Inclusive Manufacturing Ecosystems
On February 8th, Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council members including, MxD, North Branch Works, UIC Great Cities Institute and Manufacturing Renaissance hosted a forum for the mayoral candidates on industrial policy. One of these in attendance was Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson! He was intrigued by our approach to manufacturing and community development and promised to work with us as Mayor. Well … he’s in! His office has reached out to us and wants to meet! In preparation, we want to show him how much support there is for a new industrial policy that is anchored in inclusion of women, workers, and people of color in manufacturing and related industries. Chicago can be the model for the country in re-building our communities through building an inclusive, equitable manufacturing ecosystem.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION NOW to support our growing coalition to tell Mayor-Elect Johnson that Chicago is ready for an inclusive industrial policy!

Photo: Ocie Duncan, who completed the Young Manufacturers Association program at Manufacturing Renaissance, shared his experience as he asked a question to mayoral candidates 2/8/23.
Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council (CMRC)
Quarterly Updates
Since January, the MR team has been working with our CMRC Co-Chairs, Jim Piper of Matot, and Michael Moriarty of the Chicago Teachers Union Foundation to develop the agenda, goals and plan for the CMRC network. Formed in 2005, the CMRC is a regional, multi-stakeholder coalition of about 60 members including employers, community, faith based and labor organizations, social service, economic and workforce development agency leaders who join us in this work to promote manufacturing as a tool for social inclusion and community development.

This year CMRC goals are:
  1. Strengthen and expand connectivity and networking among CMRC members and stakeholders.
  2. Support and advocate for the expansion of workforce development and related education programs.
  3. Increase support among government officials, institutional and organization leaders for CMRC-related activities, programs and policies.

Progress from January to March this year:
  • 20 CMRC members have organized or hosted 58 CMRC-related activities or events
  • 8 CMRC members have organized 11 manufacturing workforce activities
  • 6 CMRC members have organized or participated in meetings with decision makers about the importance of manufacturing and related training and education programs in our region.

Learn more here and join us if you live in the Chicagoland area and you believe an inclusive manufacturing sector is instrumental for building thriving communities through great jobs, locally owned companies and innovative education and training programs, then we need your voice!

The following are upcoming events CMRC members are participating in. Contact David Robinson, drobinson@mfgren.org, 773-278-5418 x19, to learn more about the CMRC or any of the below events!

  1. May 26: Reimagining the Electric Vehicle Industry in IL (Info here, Register here), 9a - 12p, in-person at Governors State University
  2. May 26: Immediately after the Reimagining the Electric Vehicle event above, location TBD, Ministers for Manufacturing Committee Meeting - Open to faith-based leaders in the Chicagoland area.
  3. May 31: Industry Advisory Committee Meeting, on-line Zoom meeting, 10 - 11:30 am - Open to manufacturers in the Chicagoland area. Agenda will include a presentation and discussion on enhancements in the Young Manufacturers Association training program.
  4. June 6: Education and Training Committee Meeting, 5pm, location, in-person, TBD - Open to educators and instructors who teach or want to support the development of career pathway programs related to manufacturing industry at your school or district.
Honoring Women in Manufacturing
On March 29th, Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council Members Freedman Seating and Jane Addams Resource Corporation co-hosted a "Women in Manufacturing" networking event at FSC. WiM was an evening full of energy, empowerment, and gender diversity in the industry. The Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce, Howe Corporation, Women Employed and other champions of manufacturing joined the effort to inspire members of the community. JARC graduates and Freedman employees, Valerie Galvan, Lacie Hexon, and Guadalupe Aguilar were recognized at the event for their achievements and stories of resiliency. Alderwoman Emma Mitts kicked off the event with her own words of encouragement.
Launch of the New Federation for a Manufacturing Renaissance!
The time is right to build a more visible, proactive and coordinated effort among organizations nationally and internationally who recognize the potential of an inclusive, equitable manufacturing sector as strategic vehicle for broader community and economic development. Over the last 18 months, Manufacturing Renaissance recruited 20 organizations to form the Federation for a Manufacturing Renaissance including the American Sustainable Business Network, Progressive Democrats of America, The Century Foundation, the Urban Manufacturing Alliance, LKS Mondragon, the Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois in Chicago, and others.

Together, we are advocates for what we call Inclusion & Industry 4.0—an industrial policy that ensures that the growth of manufacturing will be a tide that lifts all boats including women, people of color, and workers. We are organizing to influence industrial policy from the White House to Chicago’s West Side and supporting local projects that reflect the power of this policy. We are committed to development that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable and restorative and can lead to the re-building of urban and rural communities devastated by de-industrialization. Membership is open to individuals as well as organizations. Be the change you want to see! Learn more about the Federation! Join us!

Join us for an upcoming webinar on 5/31 featuring Tom Croft, Executive Director of the Steel Valley Authority to share his experience on An Early Warning Tool to Sustain and Grow Good Manufacturing Jobs (Flier here)
Worth a Read - Worth a Listen - Worth Attending
As a member of the CWB Advisory Council, Manufacturing Renaissance is proud to announce the release of the Community Wealth Building Initiative Report. This report was co-written by the CWB Advisory Council and the Office of Equity and Racial Justice to showcase the work of the City of Chicago to support local, democratic, and shared ownership and control of community assets. The report highlights the $15 million investment, our lessons learned, and recommendations for the next administration. 
HUMANITY@WORK&LIFE a collective work of essays from 35 contributors, including MR's own Dan Swinney. ON SALE NOW! This collection provides hope and inspiration by serving as a resource for those interested in developing worker cooperatives. Listen to an interview with Editors Christina Clamp & Michael A. Peck on Everything Coop here. 
On Wednesday 5/17/23, 7a - 1:15p CT, Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council Members Jim Piper of Matot and Sonat Birneker of KOVAL Distillery are keynote speakers at the upcoming Presidents' Symposium of Chicago at The Gleacher Center, Downtown Chicago.
On Friday 5/26/23, 9am - 12p CT, U.S. Representative Robin Kelly will join policy makers and industry leaders at Governors State University (GSU) on May 26 to discuss the state's goal to become the “Silicon Valley” of the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council member and Supply Chain Innovation Center and Business Incubator (SCICBI) Director, Reggie Greenwood seeks "to combine public, private, and educational institutions in discussions around the growth industry of electric vehicles." The event will feature panels and speakers that touch on issues ranging from federal and state investment programs in the EV industry, manufacturing EV related products and the challenges associated with those processes, workforce companies and their challenges with training people in high voltage environments, and advanced air mobility. Learn more and register here.
On May 31, 2023, 1 -2 CT/ 2 - 3 ET/ 11 - 12
PT., the Federation for a Manufacturing Renaissance, American Sustainable Business Network and The American Manufacturing Communities Collaborative hosts a series of two webinars featuring Tom Croft, Executive Director, Steel Valley Authority on An Early Warning Tool to Sustain and Grow Good Manufacturing Jobs. The Steel Valley Authority has helped manufacturers maintain and even increase thousands of manufacturing jobs through their Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN) in partnership with labor,
local government, community-based organizations and others while effectively using the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act funds as a resource. Contact Michelle Burris at The Century Foundation for details on the webinar at burris@tcf.org
Welcome to MR's Board of Directors Joe Pilewski!
Joe Pilewski has worked for more than 30 years as a leading financial advisor to the public, corporate, and nonprofit sectors. He recently joined Manufacturing Renaissance’s Board of Directors. Pilewski is a registered municipal advisor, which allows him to assist developers, corporations, and nonprofit organizations with negotiation and implementation of government financing, grants, and tax credits that can help them expand. He is the president of Pilewski & Associates, LLC and PIlewski Financial, LLC.  “When I was growing up, I saw the impact manufacturers leaving the area was having on my family and my neighborhood,” he says. “I saw how government was not being proactive with regard to training and retraining people – and supporting industry. I thought I would like to be part of the process where the public and the private sector could work together to benefit businesses and individuals.”  Read more about Joe's story here.
Welcome to the Team, MR's New Director of Finances and Grants Management, Natè Hoover!
Naté is an experienced Financial and Fiscal professional with over 20 years of experience in Project Portfolio and Fiscal Management. Starting her career in Washington DC before returning home to Chicago, she has partnered with several local and federal government agencies, not-for-profit, and private organizations. Naté’s success is highlighted in facilitating and driving sustainable and impactful process improvement and change. Naté holds a BA in Sociology, (Bradley University) MA in Human Resources Management, and an MBA (Marymount University). She also holds the following designations – Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Training Managing and Director (CTM/D).
Naté is a Chicago South side native who has a heart and loves the community at large. She enjoys attending community events, spending time with family and taking in musical concerts. Say hello and connect with Naté at nhoover@mfgren.org or 773-278-5418 x 25
Welcome to the Team, MR's New Office Manager and Bookkeeper, Rose Mojica!
Rose has 20 years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management, facilitation of process improvement procedures, human resources, and organizing merge of an organization. She completed the Certified Financial Educator – CFE designation course via Heartland Institute of Financial Education. In 2018 she partnered with Money Smart Week and Chicago Public Libraries to bring free financial education workshops to over 30 Chicago Public Libraries on various topics such as budgeting, estate planning, retirement planning and planning for college.
Rose, a first-generation Chicago native from the Pilsen neighborhood, enjoys music, travel and spending time with family. Say hello and connect with Rose at rmojica@mfgren.org or 773-278-5418 x 13
Thank You to MR's Latest Funders and Collaborators!
Contributing writer for MR's newsletter: Dan Baron, dan@danbaron.com
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