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I hope this autumn brings you a Happy Halloween, Feliz Día de los Muertos and a memorable Manufacturing Month! At Manufacturing Renaissance, every day is Manufacturing Day! We welcome being part of an ever-growing manufacturing community. This community includes manufacturing companies, their owners, employees, and unions, their suppliers, neighboring schools, churches, community-based organizations and service providers - all who intersect in a multitude of visible and invisible ways. All of these interactions and intersections making up the "Manufacturing Ecosystem." The more we can shine a light on our mutual interests, our common cause in which communities depend on thriving manufacturers as much as manufacturers depend on thriving communities, the more we can do to improve the conditions in which we all thrive.

I'm proud that Manufacturing Renaissance continues to do our part to expand the Manufacturing Ecosystem as a tool for sustainable, inclusive community development. So much has been going on these last couple of months, we're eager to share and welcome your feedback and your support.

Thank you to the many partners, participants, funders, employees, board members, volunteers, CMRC members and supporters who join us in this passion to pursue our mission. If you are not yet involved, join us in this work and support this work as we head into the giving season. I'm excited to share the following updates through both of MR's program areas below with more details on our What's New blog.

Career Pathway Services:
  1. Andrew Crowe: Bringing Youth and Manufacturing Communities Together
  2. A Look at the Future: Students Visit the International Manufacturing Technology Show
  3. Profile: Sarah Mercado, MR's New Career Pathway Services Director
  4. Young Manufacturers Association (YMA): Getting Started, Part 1
  5. YMA: Next Training Starting Soon!
Manufacturing Ecosystem Services:
  1. Coalition Succeeds in Expanding "Inclusion" Scope and Language in CHIPS and Science Act
  2. Join Us: Ministers for Manufacturing Lead Trip to Springfield, IL for Advocacy Day on 11/16
  3. An International Exchange and Friendship Continues Between Chicago and Australia
  4. CMRC Quarterly Report: Highlighting the Work of A Multi-Stakeholder-Led Sector Partnership
  5. CMRC Member Updates
  6. Current Events, Recent Reports on Inclusive Manufacturing and Development
Thank You to Those Who Make Us Possible:
  1. Welcome to Newest MR Board Member Lucy Minturn, Founder and CEO of FosterWorks!
  2. Thank you to MR's Latest Funders

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Executive Director
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Andrew Crowe: Bringing Youth and
Manufacturing Communities Together
Andrew Crowe has seen it all – enough to fill a very long story about his life. Crowe works to bring youth and manufacturing communities together and created the New American Manufacturing Tour, a nine-city speaking engagement that culminated with his appearance at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).
On 9/15, Crowe took time out of his very busy IMTS schedule to make his way to the Austin community on Chicago’s West Side to spend time with alumni and current participants in Manufacturing Renaissance’s Young Manufacturers Association (YMA). Crowe brought along with him friend and engineer Dr. Onome Scott-Emuakpor, wife Whitney Crowe and two of their four children, to share their stories of overcoming “isms” in the work place. Crowe and Scott-Emuakpor poured into our young people and gave them insight into what is required for success while being Black in the manufacturing space. After an hour of sharing stories, pizza, and a sneak peak of Crowe’s latest media project, YMAers left feeling seen, animated and uplifted. Read more about Crowe's story here.
Andrew Crowe, 4th from the right standing in back row with YMA members, MR staff and community partners 9/15/22.
A Look at the Future: Students Visit the
International Manufacturing Technology Show
For 74 students from John Marshall Metropolitan High School on Chicago's West Side, the world of manufacturing opened up their eyes in new ways in September. Students attended the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), which was held by the Association for Manufacturing Technology in Chicago between September 12 and September 17.
MR staff led students and chaperones from Marshall High School at the event. Many partners of the Renaissance also participated, including Wright College, Triton College, and Prosser Career Academy. A member from Daley College in Chicago also joined a tour of the IMTS event. IMTS is one of the largest advanced manufacturing shows in the country. This year’s event attracted more than 86,000 participants, according to organizers. More than 1,200 exhibitors participated in the biennial event, which took a four-year break because of COVID. IMTS highlighted laser, CNC, metal forming tools, and 3D printing as the sector continues on the path to a more digital future.
Students pictured above from Marshall High School at IMTS 9/14/22.
Profile: Sarah Mercado, MR's New Director of Career Pathway Services
Sarah Mercado started her position as Director of Career Pathways Services at Manufacturing Renaissance in August of this year. However, her family background and career path prepared her for this work well before this year. She was born in the Dominican Republic; her life there and here has often been tied to social justice issues, including her career working with underserved youth. “I appreciate how Manufacturing Renaissance builds relationships with youth participants in its programs – relationships that actually evolve into partnerships over the years,” she says. “The organization really wants youth to be supported in these programs and prepare for a job in manufacturing.” Read more about Sarah's story here. Contact Sarah at smercado@mfgren.org.
Getting Started: Latest Young Manufacturers Association (YMA) Training Cohort Underway, Part 1
YMA trainees visit to Dakkota Integrated Systems for Mfg Day event October 2022. The latest session of the YMA, Manufacturing Renaissance’s nationally recognized career pathways program for adults, aged 18-24, started in September. YMA, which was established in 2016, is both a network and a program for young adults who are pursuing careers in manufacturing, are in between jobs, or are in training or interested in starting a career in manufacturing. We talked to two participants, Davon and Alexandria, to get their initial perspective about the first month of the program. This is the first article in a three-part series. Read more about Davon and Alexandria's stories here.
Davon Hazelwood, fourth from the left in back row. Alexandria Parlor, second from the left in front row. 
Young Manufacturers Association Next Training Starting Soon!
Recruiting Young Adults for Paid Training & Job Placement
Help us get the word out! Recruiting great candidates for our next YMA Training cohort. The program starts soon: 12 weeks of paid training, work experience and manufacturing career readiness support! Open to young adults 18-29 from west and south sides of Chicago, and the south suburbs of Chicago. Contact the Career Pathway Services team for more info at signup@mfgren.org.
Coalition Succeeds in Expanding 'Inclusion' Scope and
Language in CHIPS and Science Act
For more than a year, Manufacturing Renaissance has played an important role in forging and promoting national legislation that would help create jobs and boost competitiveness in this country. MR has supported the Manufacturing Renaissance Campaign, which includes leaders from labor, business, environmental justice, public policy, and community development and has advocated for policies that support the manufacturing sector. These efforts took a major step forward in August when President Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act on August 9. The bill was passed by the U.S. House and Senate in late July. (CHIPS stands for “creating helpful incentives to produce semiconductors”). The rare bipartisan agreement authorized $50 billion to bolster semiconductor research and manufacturing. Read more here.
Andrew Stettner, Senior Fellow at The Century Foundation, attends the signing ceremony of the CHIPS bill at the White House, 8/9/22
Ready to get on the bus? Sign up here.

Not sure? If you wish to learn more about the trip, please attend our virtual information session on
Friday Nov. 4, 2022 at 1pm CST. 

Contact David Robinson, drobinson@mfgren.org, 773-278-5418 x19 for Zoom link or for more information.
Join Us!
Ministers for Manufacturing Leads Advocacy Day Trip to Springfield, IL on 11/16
The Ministers for Manufacturing committee co-chairs of the Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council (CMRC) will host a day trip in an executive coach bus to the Springfield Capitol on November 16, 2022.   Our legislative host and guide when we arrive will be Rep. Kam Buckner and his staff.
Our aims are to inform legislators on:
  • The potential impact on Illinois from the passage of the federal CHIPS and Science Act.
  • The importance of expanded investments in Career and Technical Education in public schools, particularly in urban and rural communities.
  • The importance of industrial retention programs including more supports for business transitioning ownership with an emphasis on supporting local business ownership.
  • The importance of increased low-barrier training options for 2nd chance citizens and those needing pathways away from violence.
An International Exchange, and Friendship,
Continues between Chicago and Australia
Manufacturing Renaissance programs serve youth and young adults in underserved Chicago communities, but the reach and relevance of the organization’s training programs extend well beyond the city. One example is how the Renaissance’s model have impacted leaders who have worked in the manufacturing sector in Australia. Peter Botsman, an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne, set up a delegation visit to the United States in 2011 as part of the Indigenous Stock Exchange in Australia, an organization that works to share knowledge, raise finances as well as provide one-on-one support to aboriginal people and communities. For a week, the delegation learned about MR's model in Chicago that unites business, labor, government, education, and community leaders in support of advanced manufacturing. Then: A local newspaper, the Austin Weekly, covered their visit to the West side of Chicago. Now: Read more about how this experience is still relevant today in Australia.
Above, Peter Botsman (right) looks on as Chaseley Walker, high school student from Australia (2nd from right) listens to two Austin Polytech students (first two from the left) share their experience in Mr. McIlrath's math class (2011).
CMRC's Quarterly Report: Highlighting the Work of a
Multi-Stakeholder-Led Sector Partnership
The CMRC is a coalition-building initiative of Manufacturing Renaissance started in 2005. At the CMRC's bimonthly Leadership Committee meeting 10/24/22, Erica Staley presented the third quarter performance report for CMRC activity in 2022. The full report can be accessed here. Thanks to Leadership Committee member input into this evolving process, at the beginning of 2022, we came to a consensus on the coalition's mission and goals language for 2022. We identified Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART) goals to create metrics to track over the course of the year to help the Leadership Committee understand and support progress towards achieving CMRC goals. Upon reviewing the activity log data collected since January 2022, key observations include:
  • CMRC “2.0” is emerging and it is distinct from other manufacturing sector partnerships. Participating entities are playing non-traditional roles as it relates to advocating on behalf of the manufacturing sector, most notably active members including faith-based leaders and the Chicago Teachers Union Foundation. CMRC played an active role in west and south side communities engaging community leaders, organizations and other entities who otherwise were minimally aware of the importance of manufacturing, especially as a tool for inclusive community and economic development.
  • We are underreporting. There is work to be done to get more member activity reflected in this data set.
Welcome New CMRC Member!
See You in Houston, TX!
The Urban Manufacturing Alliance is hosting the Manufacturing Resilience: Ecosystem Strategies for Building Community. UMA's Gathering will be held in Houston, TX from November 1-3 as an interactive event that showcases leaders, policies, and initiatives that promote small- and large-scale manufacturing as resiliency strategies - from building wealth in under-resourced communities responding to climate change and sustainability challenges to creating racial and gender economic equality.
Worth a Read - Worth a Listen

Electric School Bus Initiative - New website! Just in time for a historic announcement from the EPA. Due to overwhelming demand, the EPA announced nearly $1 BILLION in Clean School Bus Program awards for 389 school districts across the country—and 95% of the buses funded are electric. Soon, there will be electric school buses on the road in all 50 states! Working together, lets make sure those new buses are made in the USA by the new talent we're training in our communities!
Welcome Newest Board Member:
Lucy Minturn, Founder and CEO, FosterWorks
Lucy Minturn, Founder and CEO of FosterWorks in Chicago, brings a wide-ranging and diverse set of experiences to the manufacturing field. She purchased FosterWorks in 2020. A native of upstate New York, her career includes 15 years of working in the investment banking industry in New York, in an architectural metal shop in Queens, and as a perinatal pathology research associate at Northwestern University. She has also worked as chief operating officer at a Montessori school in Chicago. Minturn is also committed to being part of Manufacturing Renaissance’s work to address issues and policies that can help the sector grow in Chicago and around the country. She recently joined the Board of Directors of Manufacturing Renaissance, where she’s part of a continuing effort to help create opportunities that benefit people in underserved communities.
“The more young people we can expose to manufacturing, the more likely it will be that they will be prepared for opportunities,” she says. “I’m excited to be part of what the Renaissance is doing in this sector.” ” Read more about Lucy's story here.
Young Manufacturers Association Member and Employee of FosterWorks, Isaiah McMullen and Lucy Minturn on the shop floor 2021.
Thank You to MR's Latest Funders!
Contributing writer for MR's newsletter: Dan Baron, dan@danbaron.com
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