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Wow, is it almost the end of 2022 already?! Well, good! I don't know about you, but we at MR are ready to bring on 2023! Even as we wrap up this year, make a plan to join us in this work in 2023. Already we're hiring, we have career training activities planned to start soon, meetings with school district administrators, elected officials and mayoral candidates, employers and faith leaders scheduled, helping us expand our reach into our communities.

We also need your donation to fund this impactful work. Chip in today to help MR reach more youth through our Career Pathway Services. Help us get more young people introduced to manufacturing, and to prepare, pursue and persist in manufacturing careers. Help us buy the work boots, the measuring tools, the laptops, pay for the training stipends, and hire the highly-experienced team we need to make the work possible.

Help us get our staff in front of employers, community leaders, high school teachers, elected officials, faith-leaders, labor leaders, and social service partners to cultivate all the different relationships, policies and technical assistance needed to make sure these programs are reaching the people in our communities who would benefit from this work the most.

This is what working towards MR's mission looks like - to expand inclusive, sustainable development anchored in manufacturing. Thank you to the many partners, participants, funders, employees, board members, volunteers, CMRC members and supporters already involved. I'm excited to share the following updates through both of MR's program areas below with more details for some of the stories below on our What's New blog.

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  1. Young Manufacturers Association Training Update Part 2
  2. NIMS Smart Training Solutions Expanding to Chicagoland!
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  1. Advocacy Day: Faith Leaders Standing for Inclusive Manufacturing in Springfield, IL
  2. Profile: Michael P. Moriarty, New Co-Chair, Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council
  3. The American Federation of Teachers Endorses A Bill Promoting Inclusion in Manufacturing
  4. Congratulations on 10 Impactful Years! Dr. Teresa Córdova, Director, UIC's Great Cities Institute
  5. Bronx Rising!
  6. Welcome New and Renewed Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council Members
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Building Partnerships, Creating Futures - Become a Donor Today!
Where is it written that America can’t lead the world once again in manufacturing? We’re proving it can.” President Biden said this recently in a speech on December 6, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona, about the opportunity the CHIPS & Science Act makes possible for a dramatic expansion of the manufacturing innovation and jobs to the country.

Manufacturing Renaissance (MR) is ready for this moment! MR is running effective programs in communities, engaging employers and diverse networks of community-based leaders and service agencies, and bringing those voices and best practices to public policy tables regionally and nationally to help ensure manufacturing is a driver for inclusive and equitable development in the communities that need it most. Donate today to help us continue to expand this important, ever-timely work! 

Meet Jaylen. Jaylen and his mom, Takeyla, live in North Lawndale on Chicago’s West Side. Jaylen went to a high school without a career and technical education program and Jaylen was not ready for college. He signed up for MR’s training program for youth his last semester of senior year and soon after graduation... Read more here!
Photo above: Jaylen Moore (left) and his co-worker, Isiah McMullen (right) at FosterWorks, both alumni of MR's training programs, 12/15/22)
We're Hiring!
Join a Dynamic Team that Gets the Job Done!
Young Manufacturers Association (YMA) Training Update, Part 2
The YMA program for young adults is an important part of an inclusive manufacturing ecosystem that advances sustainable economic development in all communities, including underserved communities where there are often few training or job opportunities. We talked to Davon Hazelwood and Ladeja Williams, to get their perspective on YMA. This is the second in a three-part series about YMA. Hazelwood, who grew up in the Englewood community on Chicago’s South Side, says this is the first time he has had an opportunity to learn as much about the field of manufacturing. This fall, Hazelwood completed an internship for the YMA program with Fast Radius, an innovative digital manufacturing company in Chicago. “It wasn’t really traditional manufacturing that a lot of companies do,” says Hazelwood. “It was more about 3D manufacturing.” Read more here.
Photo of current YMA training cohort at career exposure experience at Dakkota Integrated systems October 2012.
NIMS Smart Training Solutions Expanding to Chicagoland!
Employers, what if you could expect to get the workforce you need?! Improve your ability to get, keep and grow your workforce with the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Smart Training Solutions. Manufacturing Renaissance and NIMS are joining forces to bring this new resource to employers in the Chicagoland area. Manufacturers can get technical assistance (and even training dollars!) to improve your OJT systems to reliably train new and experienced employees for needed roles as your processes change with technology and business conditions. More to come in 2023! Learn more here.
Advocacy Day: Faith Leaders Standing for
Inclusive Manufacturing in Springfield, IL
A strong message about the need for increased investment in the manufacturing ecosystem was brought directly to Springfield on November 16 at Advocacy Day, which was hosted by the Ministers for Manufacturing, a committee of the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council (CMRC).

Ministers are an especially crucial voice for communities, as they can speak to the wider concerns of their communities. Rev. Phalese Binion, executive director of the Westside Ministers Coalition in Chicago, was among the ministers who attended the Advocacy Day event and focused on why manufacturing can be a promising pathway for communities that are slammed with poverty, violence, and a dearth of economic development. “I am hopeful that we are making a positive impact,” says Rev. Binion. “We are being heard, and will continue our work to bring greater access to resources and jobs to our communities.” Read more here.
Photo: Representatives of the CMRC and Ministers for Manufacturing Committee in front of the State of Illinois Capitol Building in Springfield, IL, 11/16/22.
Profile: Michael P. Moriarty, New Co-Chair,
Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council
As a longtime educator, Michael P. Moriarty has not only focused on students and their teachers – he has worked to teach and promote ways that what students learn is relevant to the workforce and world of manufacturing. Moriarty is a high school mathematics educator and a national board certified teacher, who taught for seven years in the Chicago Public Schools at Bowen and Morgan Park high schools. Since 2013, he has served Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) members at the CTU Foundation Quest Center for Professional Learning, where he supports a range of initiatives for educator professional development and career pathways school programming. Read more about Mike's story here.
The American Federation of Teachers Endorses
A Bill Promoting Inclusion in Manufacturing
For the two years, MR has been working with a small network of organizations to inform discussions in the White House and in Congress on industrial policy and the commitment to ensure that the manufacturing sector is profoundly inclusive. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) was inspired by our approach and drafted HR 5124 calling for a $20 billion investment in education, employee and Black and Latinx ownership, Early Warning systems, and more towards the objective of Inclusion & Industry 4.0. Her co-sponsors are Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL), Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), and others. On 9/29/2022, the American Federation of Teachers gave their formal endorsement to the resolution. This is a huge step reflecting the support of key section of the labor movement. This is also the union that represents teachers who play the key role in introducing young people to the opportunities in manufacturing including great jobs in production, product development, engineering, management, and even ownership. Read more here.
Congratulations on 10 Impactful Years! Dr. Teresa Córdova, Director, UIC's Great Cities Institute
One of our favorite scholars Dr. Teresa Córdova marked 10 years as Director of Great Cities Institute on 12/15/22. MR's executive director, Erica Staley was honored to participate on a panel of GCI's partners and friends including key note speakers Juan González (Co-host of Democracy Now) and Lt. Governor Julianna Stratton. It was standing-room only in recognition of Teresa's leadership making research an effective tool helping to solve our most urgent urban challenges. Thank you Teresa!
Bronx Rising!
The Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative (BCDI) hosted Manufacturing Renaissance 12/7-12/9, to meet with their network in and around the Bronx, NYC, to share our experience building more inclusive manufacturing ecosystems. BCDI and partners are leading a community and economic development planning process for the Bronx and this was a great opportunity for a multi-generational group of leaders to get together to share and learn from each others' experience.
Photo: Michael Partis, BCDI (left), Dan Swinney, MR (right) talking shop on a train traveling through Harlem, NYC.
Welcome New and Renewed CMRC Members!
Worth a Read - Worth a Listen
HUMANITY@WORK&LIFE a collective work of essays from 35 contributors, including MR's own Dan Swinney. This collection is intended to provide hope and inspiration by serving as a resource for those interested in developing worker cooperatives. The book is on pre-order as a holiday gift option for you to consider at a discounted price of $10 per copy. Editors: Christina Clamp & Michael A. Peck.

How the CHIPS and Science Act Will Make Inclusive Innovation Possible A recent report from The Century Foundation (TCF) unpacks what's in the Act and how it will provide resources to communities of color to participate more full in manufacturing related entrepreneurship, research and development. -

Check out Upcoming TCF Webinar on new WIOA Funding Opportunities on 1/11/23, 3-4:30pm EST. Learn information on how grassroots organizations can take advantage of federal funding opportunities for occupational skills training, youth development and upskilling diverse workers.

The Fabricator Podcast. Episode 1: Rap Snacks, Bob Odenkirk, and manufacturing's workforce. Featuring CMRC Leader and S&C Electric VP, Colin Cosgrove talking about the importance of growing the manufacturing workforce through urban development and inner-city recruitment.

A 10-year fight to raise the minimum wage has slashed the Black-White wealth gap in half in some states. The South still has a long way to go. Matthew Wilson, Associate Director of the UIC Great Cities Institute assisted with a research report on the fight to raise minimum wage. “We find that between 2013 and 2019, in general, worker wealth grew, but it was faster in states that adopted higher wages than those that didn’t adopt higher wages.”
Thank You to MR's Latest Funders!
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