"Start where you are...
Use what you have...
Do what you can..."
Arthur Ashe

At the Table Colorado is about action and we are thrilled that all conversations currently on the 2019 schedule, have follow-up discussions as part of their plan. Think about that for a second; all the 2019 discussions, have started with an action plan, to continue the dialogue beyond one meeting. That's grassroots conversation empowering change!
Not sure how to create an action oriented conversation? Check out the article below to Moving Conversations to Communities: How to Host an Actionable On the Table, from the Chicago Community Trust, for the On the Table National Learning Network. ATTC has been working with the Chicago Community Trust since May 2017 and is a partner in the Network which provides support toTables across the US.
Collaborative conversations across Colorado, from Limon to Grand Junction and Arvada to Pueblo, are focusing on the broad scope of Mental Wellness issues our communities face today. Data from our 2018 University of Colorado Denver, School of Public Affairs survey, indicated that this was one of the most pressing problems facing Colorado. ATTC is grateful to partner with so many community leaders, shining light on one of the last conversational taboos in our society.
So the question is: will your voice be heard At the Table?
It should because Your Voice Matters...All Voices Matter!
April 22nd the Mental Health Center of Denver Dahlia Campus for Health and Well Being , kicked off the first in a series of conversations that will take place at their Farmers Marketplace throughout the season. Details, with dates and times,will be posted on our website soon.

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In partnership with the  Colorado State Library   .

Community First Foundation is Hosting a Table for their Innovators Society 1.0 and 2.0, to discuss the successes and challenges of the first two years of the program.

The Innovators Society , invests in promising, but not yet proven, nonprofit innovations to increase awareness and change perceptions of mental health, by engaging a network of committed nonprofit innovators, community leaders and community investors to accelerate new solutions for mental wellness.
Moving Conversations to Communities:
How to Host an Actionable On the Table
By Cheryl Hughes, Former Senior Director of Civic Engagement for  The Chicago Community Trust
Reprinted with permission of the Chicago Community Trust.
While making connections, talking and listening to our neighbors over a meal is at the heart of On the Table, we know that over the past four years, so many participants have taken these conversations a step further. They’ve worked with each other to take action, and make change in their community. But how do you get there?
Hosts play an important role in not only leading the conversation, but also encouraging participants to move the ideas forward and make good things happen. This year, we want even more participants to do something coming out of On the Table. Here are five tips to host a conversation that inspires your guests to do just that:
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At the Table Colorado is about strengthening community connections and inspiring possibilities through grassroots conversation. Sponsorship offers a tremendous opportunity to reach a broad-based audience of community thought leaders and doers throughout the state, who are actively seeking information and resources to create positive change in their regions. This initiative is a multi-generational movement with tremendous support from public libraries, nonprofit/philanthropic organizations, religious communities, schools, universities, civic and community groups that will reflect positively on its sponsors across the state.

For more information on ATTC sponsorship opportunities, please contact Patricia Carmody at  patricia@atthetablecolorado.org
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Share your ideas, listen to others and watch what happens,,,when people come together the energy leads to action, that's what At the Table Colorado is all about.
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Patricia Carmody
Executive Director
At the Table Colorado