July-August 2014

At the forefront of research and innovation North York General Hospital's uses a Montessori approach in the Emergency Department.to help patients with dementia.

Our 2012 Strategic Plan signalled a renewed focus on research and innovation at North York General Hospital.


This is a time of tremendous opportunity for us. As 80% of hospital care takes place in a community hospital, we are exceptionally well-positioned to test new practices for health care delivery and introduce innovation into the health care system in Ontario.

Michael Wood, Director of Research and Innovation, and Dr. Kevin Katz, Medical Director, Research and Innovation, tell us why this focus is so important to the hospital. 

Aha Moments happen here  

RPN Paula Bisram's Aha Moment


Practicing patient- and family-centred care with every person who is cared for or visits North York General Hospital is a priority. 

It's important that the philosophy and practices behind patient- and family-centred care are real for all of our staff, physicians and volunteers. That's why we started a staff campaign for Patient- and Family-Centred Care Aha Moments.



Sun safety from head to toe
Find out the 5 areas you shouldn't miss when applying sunscreen.

Are you reaching all the right areas when you apply sunscreen?      

Dr. Kimberly Wintemute, North York General Hospital Family Physician and Medical Director of the North York Family Health Team, reminds us of five important areas not to miss when applying sunscreen to stay safe under the sun. 


Renovated Baruch/Weisz Outpatient Care Clinic now open
The newly renovated Baruch-Weisz Outpatient Care Clinic opened at NYGH on June 20, 2014.

On June 20, the newly renovated Baruch/Weisz Outpatient Care Clinic opened its doors to patients.

Located on the ground floor, the Baruch/Weisz Outpatient Care Clinic features state-of-the-art equipment and was designed to give patients privacy, comfort and improved access to services. 

The clinic helps accommodate the growing needs of our community while increasing quality of care by adding more staff to improve patient flow.   


Learn more about the Baruch/Weisz Outpatient Care Clinic. 


Strategy Progress Report 2012-2014  
The Strategy Progress Report 2012-12 summarizes a selection of key milestones.
In 2012, North York General Hospital launched our 2012-2015 Strategic Plan, a three-year roadmap for addressing the realities of the health care landscape while focusing on what matters most: providing quality, safe and efficient care to our patients. 

The report summarizes a selection of key milestones reached across our two complementary strategic directions during the first two years of our strategy. 

Read the Strategy Progress Report to find out about our plan's successes to date. 

D. M. Alloway Health Information Resource Centre for Patients and Families launches

Our newly revitalized space, the D.M. Alloway Health Information Resource Centre for Patients and Families, is part of our commitment to providing those we serve with the latest health information to enhance their experience.

The resource centre is located on the ground floor across from the Gift Shop. It is open 24 hours with two computers that have access to multiple databases geared towards helping patients and their families with their health research.

Our online health resources have also been completely updated. We now offer Health Library, considered to be the most reliable, evidenced-based health and wellness information resource available. 

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