Newsletter: Week of February 10, 2013
From the Chaplain

Despite all the effort to commercialize and commodify it today, love is still underrated. Love is really about connection; the intimate, passionate kind that can evolve and grow over time, or community connection: groups of people who care about one another and about making the world better together. Each of those two kinds of love makes the other more likely to thrive.
This week we're building very exciting community connections -- and we'd love to see you! Our college students are launching an "Atheist Coming Out Week" inspired not only by LGBTQ campaigns and those of Richard Dawkins and others, but by the simple fact that life is better when we can be open and proud of who we are, together. Our grad students are leading an innovative community meeting this Sunday, and have organized an opportunity for grad students nationwide to get out and defend the environment together in the name of Humanism, on a wonderful trip to Kentucky next month.
And who better to keynote such a week than the "splendid" Eddie Izzard, as our 2011 honoree Stephen Fry called him on Twitter today? Tickets to next Wednesday's event are just about to sell out. 

Local News

A Humanist Year Discussion
Feb. 17 Religious groups have these resources ready-made with their liturgical calendars. We think Humanists would benefit from this as well and so we have set out to construct our own calendar. Read more here.
Why Atheism Matters Panel
Feb. 18 As part of Atheist Coming Out Week, a discussion between Steve Pinker, Rebecca Goldstein, Andrew Jewett, and Greg Epstein on why atheist perspectives matter in today's changing religious landscape. Read more here.
Eddie Izzard: Lifetime Achievement Award
Feb. 20 Comedian Eddie Izzard will accept the 6th Annual Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism. Tickets on sale now -- and student-priced seats are almost sold out! Read more here.
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The Humanism Test
Do you think you're a Humanist? Do you want to talk to your group about how they identify within the movement? Read more here.
Faitheist News
Assistant Chaplain Chris Stedman's new book Faitheist has encouraged discussion nationwide. Read an excerpt here  and a feature  on BuzzFeed here.
Spring Break
Care about the environment? Looking for an unforgettable Spring Break experience? Applications for the Harvard Graduate Community's Spring Break Service Trip are now available. Students from other institutions are welcome to apply. Read more here.
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