A Message from Headmaster Philabaum

Hello families,
I am grateful to reach out to you at a beautiful time of the year – a time in which we dedicate an entire day to stop and to give thanks.
A moment’s reflection on the context of our national holiday is both awe inspiring and humbling. Thanksgiving, as a recurring national holiday, was established by Abraham Lincoln on October 3, 1863. This, as you may have inferred from the date, was in the heart of the darkest period of our country – the Civil War. It is difficult to imagine a deeper valley in which we could sit as a nation, and yet, during this time, a recurring day was set up to stop, to reflect, and to enumerate the many blessings given to all of us. He modeled the true spirit of gratitude for us, specifically naming the many things for which we should all be thankful, in spite of the circumstances. Gratitude, therefore, should not be dependent upon our external conditions. It is something that comes from within. I have been reflecting on gratitude, thinking of the model set before us by President Lincoln, and would like to share some thoughts going into our holiday together.
First, it is fair to say that gratitude can be difficult. In our humanity, we dream and we hope and we envision a world and life for ourselves, and we seek to bring the world that exists within our minds and our hearts into being. But reality does not bend itself to our ideals so easily. As we strive to execute our ideals, we also must face that the world itself does not reflect the perfection we seek after. This is the human condition. We must, therefore, make a choice. Do we fix our eyes on the things that have not yet come to be, letting ourselves, and our fleeting desires, become the measure of all things? Our natural disposition is to turn our eyes towards the things that do not meet our expectations and cultivate a heart of ingratitude. Rather, we can stop and point out the great goodness and beauty that abundantly exists within our lives. There will always be a gap between where we strive to be and where we are now. Expecting to close that gap is a Sisyphean task. The striving should never cease, but we must actively shift our hearts and minds towards the good that permeates every aspect of our lives. This takes work, and that can work can be quite difficult.
Second, because of its inherent difficulty, gratitude must become a habit. Just as habitual behavior become carved into our being as virtue or vice, our hearts must be shaped and molded by gratitude as a regular practice. This is why we create rhythms in our lives to stop and to give thanks. The Thanksgiving holiday itself is one of these rhythms. Saying grace before a meal, stopping to name the good at the end of a meeting, or writing a gratitude journal are other ways in which these structures are built in. We must fight against our natural tendencies, against the current, and build gratitude into our lives if it is to become a part of our hearts.
Third, gratitude is a reflection of our worldview. We believe here, at Great Hearts, that the world is ordered and knowable. That Truth is accessible to all, if only we would reach for it and grasp it. We believe that Beauty undergirds the cosmos, and that the world around us is teeming with life and meaning. We believe that though there is a grand battle between good and evil between us and within us, the Good must win. We believe that evil self-destructs, and the things that have lasting meaning endure. Consistently interpreting the world through this paradigm necessarily results in gratitude. The world is filled with Truth and Goodness and Beauty, and it is ours for the taking! Those who would deny these fundamental truths have greater difficult seeing all things working for good. The lens through which we see the world colors all of reality. Here within our classrooms, we seek to create a sanctuary where our students are habituated to see and to name and to celebrate the Good.
Finally, gratitude is the lifeblood of our community. Cicero once stated that “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” Gratitude could arguably be placed on our walls alongside our nine core virtues, as it is a disposition that is fundamental to all of them. It is the recognition of our own humanity and place in the world among each other as fellow brothers and sisters. It is comprised of good will towards each other – noticing and naming in each other our talents and uniqueness and dignity, always assuming good intentions and seeing the good within one another. It is in gratitude that we can affirm each other’s humanity. It is the ether through which all dialogue and all conflict must flow. Without gratitude, a community not only cannot flourish, but it cannot function.
I am grateful for this community. For you as parents. For our teachers and staff. For each and every child who we are blessed to have within these walls. And I am grateful to be a part of this mission that is so life-giving.
I hope you and your families have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday, and that you are able to enumerate and name the many blessings that continue to pour down upon each of us.
With Gratitude,

Stephen Philabaum
Archway Trivium East
Upcoming Events:
November 8-December 10
Great Hearts Open Enrollment for New Students/Transfers ONLY
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Wednesday-Friday, November 24-26
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Monday, December 6
K-2 Concert, 6 PM, Archway MPR (students arrive at 5:15 PM)
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Thursday, December 9
3-5 Concert, 6 PM, Archway MPR (students arrive at 5:15 PM)
** PSO Night at Buffalo Wild Wings Goodyear, 10am-close **
Save the Date for Winter Concerts!

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming Winter Concerts. This is a wonderful celebration of our music program at Archway Trivium East. We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, December 6 - Kindergarten-2nd Grade Concert,
6 PM, Archway Trivium East MPR
(Students arrive at 5:15 PM)

Thursday, December 9 - 3rd-5th Grade Concert,
6 PM, Archway Trivium East MPR
(Students arrive at 5:15 PM)

Additional parking is available at McLane Trucking.

Concert dress: Boys wear white collared dress shirts with black pants and black dress shoes. Girls wear a white blouse with a black skirt or black dress pants, or a black and/or white dress, and black dress shoes (open-toed shoes and reasonable heels are permitted).
PSO Restaurant Nights - December 6 and December 9

Our PSO has planned two restaurant nights to correspond with our Winter Concerts to make dinner easy for families on those days!

Monday, December 6 - Panda Express Online - Nationwide

Place an online order for pickup or delivery on December 6 from any Panda Express nationwide. Apply code 904705 in the Fundraiser Code box during online checkout at order.pandaexpress.com or via App and 28% of sales will benefit our school.

Thursday, December 9 - Buffalo Wild Wings Goodyear, 10am-close

Present the ticket below when ordering and a percent of proceeds will benefit our school. Good for dine-in or carryout. Join us at Buffalo Wild Wings, 13311 W. McDowell Rd, Goodyear from 10am-midnight.
The Roosevelt Review
The Latest News on Great Hearts Roosevelt
Construction Update
Great Hearts Roosevelt construction is underway! The footings have been dug and poured, the foundations are in progress, and the elevator shaft has been formed. Next come the installation of the fire line, plumbing and electrical. It's an exciting time as we watch the building of our new home progress! If you missed the Ground Breaking ceremony on October 26, check out the video on the Great Hearts YouTube channel.
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Open Enrollment: November 8 – December 10, 2021
  • Students at another academy (e.g. Archway Trivium West or Trivium Prep) seeking to attend Archway Roosevelt or Roosevelt Prep must apply during Open Enrollment and submit a Transfer.
  • Students not currently enrolled in Great Hearts seeking to attend Archway Roosevelt, Roosevelt Prep, or any other academy must apply during Open Enrollment.
  • Current ATE students seeking to attend another academy (e.g. Archway Trivium West or Trivium Prep) must apply during Open Enrollment and submit a Transfer.
Re-Enrollment: March 1 – April 1, 2021
  • For current ATE families (Grades K-5 this year) seeking to attend Great Hearts Roosevelt next year.
Please see this link to the Enrollment FAQ for a list of detailed questions.
Enrollment Survey
If you have not already done so, please take a moment to complete this brief survey in the parent portal. Your answers will be used to help Great Hearts gain a better understanding of current family demand and facility needs for the Roosevelt campus. If you at any point change your answer, please take a moment to reflect this change in the link below. This survey is non-binding, and it does not replace the normal enrollment process.
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Interested in Helping in the Classroom?

If any parents are interesting in supporting our faculty and joining us in the classroom to assist, please reach out to Headmaster Philabaum at sphilabaum@archwaytriviumeast.org. There is need for your time and talents on campus! Both paid and volunteer positions are available!
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Health Office Update

As we are entering full swing into the cold and flu season, I would like to provide some updates regarding student health. We do ask that you please do not send your scholars to school when they are sick. 

In order to prevent the spread of illness, scholars will be sent home if they present with excessive coughing, sore throat, fever, abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea. Please plan to pick up your scholar as soon as possible or within one hour if you do receive a call. If your scholar is sent home from school due to illness, they should not return until they have completed 24 hours symptom free. 
Please notify the Health Office of any changes that arise with your scholar's health status, such as: new diagnosis, new medications, surgery or hospitalizations, factures or injuries and communicable diseases in the scholar or their immediate family.
For those interested in supporting the health office through donations, we are in need of water bottles, granola bars, and cracker donations!
Thank you for your support in keeping our campus healthy and safe!
PSO Updates

Food Drive THANK YOU!
Thank you, families, for helping us EXCEED our goal for this year's Food Drive in support of St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance. Together we donated over 1,200 pounds of food! Way to go, Athenians!

Lunch Volunteers
We have a few open spots for Lunch Volunteers this quarter! Volunteers received a $5 credit from My Hot Lunchbox for serving. All volunteers must be cleared through our Raptor System.

Copy Program
We’d love to invite you to join us as part of our Copy Program. We help our teachers out with their copying needs on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Training is available. All volunteers must be cleared through our Raptor System.
If you wish to help, please sign up here. Questions? Contact our Copy Program Chair, America Estrada copies.atepso@gmail.com.
Yearbook Photographers Needed!
The Yearbook Club can use your support! If any parents are interested in helping our club by taking photographs around campus, please reach out to Amanda Scott at ascott@archwaytriviumeast.org. Thank you for your time!
Order Hot Lunch Today!

My Hot Lunchbox is excited for another great year of delivering school lunch!
Online ordering is now available at: ordernow.myhotlunchbox.com/. If you are a first-time customer, visit the My Hot Lunchbox website to create your free account. Families with students at multiple Trivium schools should create only ONE account per family.

If you have any questions, view the Parent Lunch FAQ or contact My Hot Lunchbox at (888) 894-8295 or by email at info@myhotlunchbox.com. Ordering is easy! Follow the link below to get started or visit the PSO Lunch page on the school website for more information.

The Trivium Lunch Program is entirely managed and distributed by our Parent Service Organization volunteers. This program is open to all students, faculty, and staff at Trivium. 
Happy Birthday!

Join us in wishing "Happy Birthday" to the following Archway Trivium East faculty and staff with recent/upcoming birthdays!

Rachel Johnson - 3B Lead - November 2
Patrick Conklin - PE Teacher - November 14

Rachael Mann - Nurse - December 5
Alexanderia Vickers - 2C Lead - December 11
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