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Preparing for this newsletter by looking through rankings lists to include more about athletes and competitions as you've requested helped me realize how much further this site has developed. Masters Athletes contact me more when changes are made. You tell me how much you love the improvements and how much you hate the changes (proves the adage that you can't please everyone)! Everything on this site is inspired by Masters Athletes - this is your site so that is the way it should be. This site will improve more with your feedback. 

A facet Masters Athletes were very vocal for and against was all-inclusive rankings lists including all athletes, regardless of performance caliber. Some were concerned that it was too ambitious. It is unquestionably ambitious and, frankly, I had no idea if it could be done. It can be done - just look at the number of listed athletes in each event and the quality of performances in the rankings lists! Clearly, there is much more work to do but it is hopefully apparent that MastersRankings' plan is coming together.

Almost 60,000 more performances have been added to these lists this year than were added in 2014 and 2015 combined (444,621 vs 388,021). Read more about the incredible gains made this year later in this email. 
Perth 2016 - Most Competitive Event
Photo by Ken Stone
Wow, what great match-ups there are in the WMA Championships. I stopped trying to list examples because I couldn't decide which to leave out and keep this section short. In the end, it seemed appropriate to focus on the most competitive event determined by the most top 20 World Ranked competitors.  There are 856 2016 M45 100m athletes listed so far. 6 of these athletes are competing in Perth and are currently in the top 10 World Rankings (9 in top 20).  3 more are not yet listed in the rankings but have seed times within the top 20 ranked. Here they are (click on their name to see their profile & performances).

2 11.05 Reginald Pendland (46) USA 
3 11.14 Rob Colling (45) AUS 
5 11.21 Philbert Ryce (45) TTO 
6 11.22 Hugues Valence (45) FRA 
7 11.23 Karnell Vickers (49) USA 
9 11.31 Thomas Keßler (46) GER 
14 11.49 Andy Montique (48) TTO 
14 11.49 Mattias Sunneborn (46) SWE
16 11.50 Bernd Schauwecker (47)
S 11.20 Takeshi Fukuzato JAP
S 11.28 Shinichiro Ito JAP
S 11.50 Will Macgee (48) GBR

Of course, the lists are missing some athletes so these athletes may not be in the final top 20 World Rankings but, clearly, this is a packed field!

Hope everyone going to Perth has a great time and exceed their expectations.
Ranked Athlete Spotlight

It is always difficult to condense athletes' accomplishments and contributions into a paragraph or two - their stories are not conveyed.  MastersRankings is honored to feature Gottfried this month. You have asked for more about athletes and timing, considering Perth is a few weeks away, is perfect to feature a multiple World Champion. Gottfried's experience in Lyon and his perspective on Masters Athletics are included in two expanded articles you can see by clicking the links below.

A post note: Gottfried set an Austrian youth record of 58.26m with a 5k hammer 41 years ago. Yesterday, he threw a 5k hammer 60.06m in a recognized competition! Congratulations Gottfried!

Want to be featured in future Spotlights? Have a compelling or motivating story? We'd love to feature you. Email me @ with a little about you and your compelling story and I will send you a few questions to facilitate writing the article.
By the Numbers & Meet Results
These are the meets and performances added in since the last newsletter:
  • 125,207 performances added (619 by athletes)
  • Representing 43,638 athletes from 158 countries
  • 18,563 new athletes listed
Meet Results Added for (in order of number of performances):
Yes, MastersRankings is Important
Photo by Penny Ingles
That is what almost everyone who reached out said answering the question in last month's newsletter. The journey for this grass roots site has been amazingly productive considering the resources available.  Everything on the site management side has been done per the original plan with a small handful of extremely devoted volunteers - my deep gratitude to you. I didn't plan on getting this far without securing the sponsorships and grants to sustain this effort.  

Amazing Efficiency Progress
The huge difference this year is due to a friend who has been phenomenal providing great guidance and hundreds of thousands of performances plus huge improvements to the programs we use to insert performances. On average, less than 17,000 performances were inserted each month in 2014 & 2015. 34,000 performances provided by our friend or anyone else in a usable format (like Canada also provides - thank you Athletics Canada) takes between 15 and 45 minutes!!!!

What does this mean to Masters Athletes? 
The idea of an all-inclusive, real time world rankings is possible. There is more to develop before we get there but having a complete year's rankings list finalized within 3 months of the season ending is possible, even for 2016!

What can Masters Athletes do to help this happen?
The two critical factors are funding and collaboration. Funding: There are costs to run this site ( see details) - no different than anything in this world. We have plans on how to raise the funding to sustain this site and you can probably help. Email or call me (you can call through Facebook Messenger) and I will share details / we can discuss. Donations and Memberships  are the interim funding that keep this site running. Collaboration: Like stated above, we can insert files with thousands of performances quickly. Most national statisticians can provide these files so you can help get your nation's performances inserted by contacting your statistician and asking them to work with us. There are other tools developed that make it easy to insert whole meet results so you can also help by sending whole meet results.

This site is so close!
We are on the cusp of pulling this together. Everyone who looks at all the corrections still needed, missing performances, etc. should see all the corrections that have been made, performances that are inserted, etc. and recognize how close this is. It will all happen with a little more help.  

John Seto
(845) 635-9487p
(845) 489-7818c
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