Today, the IHSA Board of Directors approved the athletic calendar for the rest of the school year. Click here to see the calendar and the full update from the IHSA. The decision allows us to officially start our basketball season. Try-outs for boys and girls basketball will begin this weekend with the exception of varsity boys basketball. They held their try-outs in November before the shutdown and they will begin practice today. Please see the bottom of this email for the complete try-out schedule. As a reminder, boys and girls bowling, cheer, and dance have already returned to action and their teams were set in November as well.

In addition to practices starting up, we will also begin contact days next week. Look for more info on contact days in this Friday’s weekly update. Coaches will also send out their contact day info once it is set. 

Any student playing a sport or taking part in contact days must follow all COVID-19 policies, including wearing a mask at all times. Anyone not following the policies will be removed from their sport or banned from contact days. 

Students who are in-season may attend practices and contests everyday their team has them. Students in contact days can only attend them on days on which they are physically in school (Viking Black on Viking Black days and Viking Gold on Viking Gold). So everyone is on the same page, a practice is for a team that is in their formal IHSA season. A contact day is for a sport that is in the off-season.

Due to gym limitations and the need to start practices right after school, any basketball player who has practice immediately after school will be allowed to do their e-learning at St. Laurence on days they are not scheduled for in-person learning. Students must sign-up if they would like to take advantage of this option and must follow all policies in place. Any violation of the policies will result in that student no longer being able to e-learn at St. Laurence and they will have to show up late to practice after their school day is over at home.

Over the next few days, we will share additional info on contact days, game schedules, and spectator policies once we have everything in place after today’s news. In the meantime, you can review all COVID-19 info from the IHSA here. If you have any questions on anything shared today, please contact me at or 708-458-6900 x246.

Online Registration & Try-out Info

Any student playing a sport from now until the end of the year must register online prior to the 1st day of try-outs/practice. Click here to register and here for registration instructions. There is a 20-min video as part of the registration process that needs to be watched by both the student-athlete and a parent/guardian in place of the Sports Orientation Night. Students must also have a valid physical on file with the athletic trainer or nurse before being allowed to participate.

Boys Basketball
Varsity: Practice Wed, Jan. 27th & Thu, Jan. 28th 4:30-6:30 pm; Fri, Jan. 29th 3:30-5:30 pm and Sat, Jan. 30th 4:15-6:15 pm
Contact: Coach Burt at 

Sophomore: Try-outs Sat, Jan. 30th 2:15-4:15 pm
Contact: Coach Wichert at

Freshmen: Try-outs Sat, Jan. 30th 12:30-2 pm and Sun, Jan. 31st 9-10:30 am for those who make the 1st cut
Contact: Coach Kelly at

Girls Basketball
All levels: Try-outs Fri, Jan. 29th 5:30-7:30 pm and Sat, Jan. 30th 8-10 am
Contact: George Shimko at 

*Please contact your coach if you are currently quarantined and cannot attend try-outs. The coach will set an alternate try-out once you are cleared to return.