Blue Devil Ticket
Tickets will be REQUIRED for all HOME events
at IMS and IHS
Ticket Allotments for Fall Events

IHS Football Games: 2 tickets per participant
(Band, Football, Cheerleading for Home and Away Teams)
(If you are in Band and Football you one get 2 total tickets)

IHS Soccer Games: 4 tickets per participant

IHS Volleyball Games: 4 tickets per home team participant
2 tickets per away team participant

IMS Football Games: 4 tickets per participant

IMS Volleyball Games: 4 tickets per home team participant
2 tickets per away team participant

For all events that are played back to back (JV/Varsity, 7th/8th) we ask that you leave when your student's game is over so that social distancing can be maintained.

Please do not arrive to events more than 30 minutes prior to the start unless pre-arranged.

No mingling or congregating before or after contests.


IHS Athletic Events
$6.00 plus online fees

IMS Athletic Events
Free however you must go online to get a ticket

*All Fans must have a ticket
*NO Passes will be accepted
*Senior Citizens MUST buy a ticket
*No Tickets will be sold at the gate
Independence Local Schools is happy to announce that after much consideration, we have chosen HomeTown Ticketing as the official digital ticketing provider for school events. Working with HomeTown Ticketing will give Independence Local Schools the ability to sell tickets online, as well as provide additional security and reporting capabilities. Parents and fans will be able to purchase tickets online for athletics, performing arts, plays etc. at Independence Local Schools is excited to give their fans this convenient purchase option, where they will be able to either print-at-home or use mobile entry tickets for safe, no-touch redemption at the gate. Tickets purchased online can also be easily shared with family and friends via text! 
Steps to Purchase Tickets
  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Click on "MORE" (located on the top banner)
  3. Click on BLUE DEVIL TICKETS in the top right
  4. Select the game you would like to attend
  5. Click on "Have a Passcode." The passcode will only work if your student is permitted to get a ticket.
  6. Your student's school ID number is your passcode. This can be found on progressbook (click on show student ID from the desktop view)
  7. Purchase your ticket(s)
  8. Ticket will be delivered via email
  9. The QR code in the email is your ticket. You can print it out, screenshot it or have the email open when you come to the game so that the ticket taker can scan the ticket. (Think Flashseats when you go to a Cav's Game)
  10. To transfer tickets send them your email or screenshot.
  11. Each QR code can only be scanned once
  12. Each QR code is good for 1 person to enter the event

*At some point in the process you may have to create an account to link to your preferred email account.
What Seat Is Available?

Due to the restrictions placed on schools by the Department of Health we only have a limited number of bleacher seats available at the stadium.

When you purchase your ticket you will be able to select a bleacher seat if there are any remaining. You can only sit in a bleacher sit if you purchase a bleacher seat.

If you purchase a standing room ticket you will be permitted to bring in a camp chair. We have created over 50 "fenceline boxes" for 2 people to stand/sit in and maintain social distancing.
Venue Information - Know Before You Go
The Ohio Department of Health issued a new order that provided more details for athletic departments to follow. All Venues are now limited to 15% capacity for admissions. Fans are to have an assigned seat for all events. Spectators must wear face coverings at all times and must adhere to social distancing guidelines.

See Below for specific information about our home venues.

As soon as information is available for away venues it will be sent out through coaches.
Thanks to the Independence Community we are looking forward to playing school sports this fall!

Masks are required when you attend all sporting events.
Live Streaming for Home Events

Independence High School and Middle School has partnered with the NFHS Network, and we've invested in new technology that will bring you every game from our High School Gym and Stadium LIVE.
Join the NFHS Network for full access to:
  • All Independence High School Gym and Stadium live and on-demand sports broadcasts
  • All other sporting events from around the Nation
Friends and family members who can’t make the game will never miss a play again! 
Here's how to watch:
2) Search for Independence High School, Independence, OH and go to our page
3) Subscribe and Follow

There will be a cost to watch regular season games:
$10.99 per month
$69.99 per year
Annie McGhee
High School Athletic Director

Mike Gruber
Middle School Athletic Director

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