Roscommon High School
Athletic Update 2/8/2021

Good afternoon, MDHHS and MHSAA have recently come out with new guidance that directly impacts Roscommon High School Athletics. 

SPECTATOR LIMITATIONS: For all winter sports, all competition will begin with the 2-spectator-per-participant limitation. Local schools will determine participants connected to athletic events (sideline cheer, dance, pompon, etc.) and in all cases, the maximum number of spectators must be within all MDHHS limitations. 

Roscommon and ALL Highland Conference schools will have a 2-spectator-per-participant limit. 

TICKETS: Schools should strongly consider using a digital ticket or cashless system. Schools must work together to develop a distribution plan for the limited amount of tickets available per game. If a physical ticket is used, each school should consider conducting a pre-sale, with no onsite ticket sales – only tickets, not money, is collected at the event site.

We will be selling tickets for $25 a piece, 2-spectator-per-participant limitation. The $25 amount is a uniform amount agreed upon by all the Highland Athletic Directors and is roughly ⅓ the cost if you attend each event individually. The tickets will allow you entry into any Highland Conference winter contest by sport. (Boys basketball will get you into boys basketball league wide, however, it will not be accepted for Girls basketball.) We will be starting this process beginning tomorrow February 9th and today after school I will meet with the teams to explain how it will work. 

To limit traffic into the schools, we ask that you send your money with your student to get the tickets. (Exact change only.) Coach Lee Wyckoff will be collecting for the 7th grade and Nancy will be collecting for the remaining tickets in the RHS office. Checks can be made out to Roscommon Area Public Schools or RAPS. If you have any questions, please contact me directly. Due to the limited time frame between the notification from the state and the starting of athletic contests, parents for the JV and V Boys basketball games tomorrow night may purchase your tickets at the door. Remember please have exact change because no change will be given. 

Thanks, Mitch

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