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Be Proactive; be that voice for others. 
Motto: Many Cultures, ONE Style!
Purpose: Remember who YOU are, Just BE.
Micaela Brigida
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Your purpose in Life isn't what we are meant to do...it's who we are meant to BE! - ORIZON Lifestyle
Doing it BIG!Understand 1st, then to be understood

Being Proactive has a deep understanding of the following terms; be smart, be value driven, be tenacious, read (see) reality, be diligent, know what's needed, be compassionate, be humble, be resilient and be that voice outside of oneself.


If one chooses to not pay the price day in and day out "The Work" then he (she) will never achieve true mastery of Success nor develop an educated mind. Always keep in mind; "Where science fails, faith prevails. Friends, Humility and Faith will carry you where money can't go."

ORIZON (click onto links provided) - Media Press Release and Awards and Accomplishments  

2013 Fitness UNIVERSE Champions
Fitness UNIVERSE 2013, Miami (OIFC)
Athletics and Music truly brings the WORLD together! The ORIZON Master of Professionals "OMP" had the privilege to work with the BEST International Athletes this past weekend from the Fitness Universe event in Miami Beach, Fl. The OMP had 3 hours to teach a complex & diverse opening production number to the amazing fitness competitors who's primary language ranged from different countries; South Korea, Italy, Finland, Chili, Romania, Egypt, Ukraine, Mexico, Middle East, USA, etc. Review pictures, video & champion comments here: Fitness Pics & Performance Video & Comments.
ORIZON Youth Team Camp
ORIZON Youth Team Camp (OYT)
Dancing is the most moving, of the arts. It's not the translation or abstraction from life; it's LIFE itself! ORIZON primary goal is to INSPIRE the youth with a brighter and better tomorrow by athletics (body), education (mind) & dance (spirit). The ORIZON Master of Professionals "OMP" take a lot of pride, joy, happiness and inspirationally (eagerness) moved to give back to the WORLD to who we are today; Many Cultures, ONE Style!  
 Review international & domestic work here: pictures and video
OPT Crew Ladies ORIZON Performance Team (OPT)
Being on a TEAM doesn't BUILD character, it reveals CHARACTER! The elite dancers of ORIZON "OPT Crew" have had a successful spring to summer of 2013 events. Recent performances: Dance Planet 17th Anniv., Judged Kollaboration Dallas Dance Off, 23rd Asian Festival, Perot Museum, etc. 
The ORIZON Performance Team are looking forward to showcasing at the Kollaboration Dallas on September 14th - Dallas City Performance Hall. Making a Difference; CONGRATS to Giovanni Brigida (CHS graduate 6/6/2013) with his big success of being part of the SoReal Team (est. 1998) in Houston!  
Giovanni Brigida
ORIZON Health & Wellness ORIZON Health & Wellness (OHC)
Interdependence is a higher value than independence. It's work is a synergistic product of many minds. ORIZON is a strong advocate of a healthy mind, body & spirit! It's preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have which is YOU. Micaela Brigida and the ORIZON Team are so excited to celebrate our success & life challenges at our 8th Anniversary of ORIZON, LLC in October...coming soon!
Micaela is looking forward to teaching additional (high intensity) fitness classes at the BEST, Reputable & most Prestigious fitness facility in Dallas - TELOS Fitness Center. Review TELOS website, group fitness schedule or to receive a FREE pass here: Fitness Schedule, Free Pass and Home Page.   
"Many Cultures, ONE Style!"
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  ORIZON est. 2005