"It is essential that Atlanta citizens of all backgrounds get to know each other and promote interfaith relationships." -
The Honorable Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms
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Atlanta Mayor Iftar 
On May 21st, 2019 the ISB collaborated with the Atlanta Mayor's office and Welcoming Atlanta for a historic event at Atlanta City Hall - 2019 Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Ramadan Iftar. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and drink during the day. It is a month when Muslims all over the world celebrate the revelation of their holy book, the Quran through prayers and good deeds.

The elegant evening started out with a warm welcome from Ms. Soumaya Khalifa, Executive Director of the ISB, followed by recitation of the Quran by Hassan Faye, translated by Ms. Abir Saberi of the ISB.

Over 230 leaders attended the Iftar including representatives from Atlanta's diplomatic corps, elected officials, religious leaders,  Muslim city employees, donors, and ISB partners.

Interfaith Reflections were given by R abbi Laurence Rosenthal, president of the Atlanta Rabbinical Assembly, Rev. Natosha Reid Rice of Ebenezer Baptist Church,  and Imam Plemon El Amin, Imam Emeritus of Atlanta Masjid of Al Islam.

During the Iftar, the ISB Board of Directors led by Dr. Nabile Safdar, Imam Plemon El Amin, and Ms. Soumaya Khalifa presented Atlanta with the City of Excellence Award.
Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Ms. Carmen Chubb, received the award on behalf of The Honorable Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

"Gatherings like this are a necessity not a luxury," said Soumaya Khalifa, ISB Executive Director about the Mayor's Ramadan Iftar.

The evening was concluded with a call to prayer by Mr. Osama Mourad and a delicious buffet Iftar dinner.

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