May 2020
Dear Friend,

“We are all in this together.” How many times have you heard that sentiment since Covid-19 invaded our communities transforming the way we live and sadly, in too many cases, how we die. This is not a commitment of words alone. To say we are in this together conveys a deeper sense of solidarity.

Being in it together means we are ready to support each other as we navigate this unprecedented health crisis. This means looking beyond the boundaries of our own neighborhoods.

It is during times like these that I am proud to lead PEDS, which has long been a voice promoting pedestrian safety and health for everyone. PEDS is here to advance transportation equity by supporting communities throughout the state of Georgia. For nearly 25 years, PEDS has relentlessly stood on the front lines of some of the most pressing community issues. We have been the backbone of countless solutions that drove transformative changes in traffic engineering and policy. 

Today, we are facing a grave statewide threat to our health and economic stability, which has already disproportionately impacted communities of color, the elderly, and women. To this end, PEDS will continue our work to advance transportation equity. We will be vocal in dispelling racist misconceptions and in advocating for the needs of all Georgians no matter their zip codes.

We are indeed all in this together.


President & CEO
Atlanta adopts Vision Zero!
Atlanta City Council  unanimously approved the Vision Zero ordinance!

PEDS has worked over the last several months with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, AARP, the American Heart Association, as well as several Atlanta neighborhood associations and NPUs to help Atlanta become a Vision Zero City.

On April 21 st , the Atlanta City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Vision Zero Strategic Transportation Plan, which includes lowering the default speed limit on city streets from 35 mph to 25 mph.

This is a critical step toward ensuring pedestrian safety. Pedestrians are at least three times more likely to be killed when struck by a vehicle going 35 mph rather than 25 mph. We are hopeful that the number of deaths by traffic violence will decrease and eventually be reduced to zero.

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Georgia Driving Test Reversal

On April 23rd, Governor Kemp issued an order allowing teen drivers to obtain a license without a road test. As studies show that a new driver is eight times more likely to be involved in a crash the first 3 months after receiving their license , we were very concerned that this decision threatened the safety of pedestrians throughout Georgia.

PEDS worked with Georgia Bikes to address this dangerous decision by contacting Governor Kemp asking him to reverse his decision and work with the Department of Driver Services to find a safer solution.

We are grateful for the wise decision to restore the road test for teens and will now seek permission from the state to place pedestrian and walking safety information at DDS locations and in driver education materials.

Mobility Justice
Last week's protest over the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. Photo: Associated Press

“How might we — how WILL we make our streets safe for every Black and Brown kid to play and laugh and grow?”

This question recently was posed by Warren Logan, one of the central figures in the open streets movement and policy director of mobility and interagency relations for the mayor of Oakland’s office. Many in the urban planning and sustainable transportation advocacy fields would do well to ask themselves this question as well.

We have to think beyond bike lanes and better bus headways and consider racism, xenophobia, and state violence as factors in why BIPOC individuals may not be voluntarily walking, biking, and riding transit in the same numbers as white people.

The discussion around open streets and Slow Streets is yet another reminder of the need to listen and understand the needs of others, particularly those who are frequently left out of these conversations.
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