April 2020

I hope today finds you and yours safe, healthy and enjoying your Spring at home. My newly compressed Live/Work/Play area has its advantages ... no traffic, no drive-time, no dress code. Sheltering-in-place does seem to have a few silver linings.

Under guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security, real estate is defined as an essential service ... but it's certainly not business as usual. A focus on home, health, and the safety of loved ones is more important than ever in this unprecedented period of social distancing and escalating uncertainty. And the real estate industry as a whole is creatively adapting to accommodate Buyers and Sellers who must make a move. 

This month's featured articles are selected to highlight projects for home and family, along with activities for you to enjoy in your own backyard:

  • Spring in Atlanta: The market is still moving

  • Inspiring deck, patio and pergola designs for year-round enjoyment

  • Tips for healthy lawns, ideas for container gardening, and native plants

  • Creative activities and resources for staying at home

Should you have any questions about your home's value, the market, or about how to navigate these unusual times, please give me a call. I would love to hear from you.


P.S. My nod to Earth Day: World's Biggest Flower Garden. Escape via drone to the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands. Experience the color and imagine the fragrance of seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths!
Atlanta's Spring Market
While there may be a period of temporary uncertainty in the spring market, real estate remains a consistent, sound value over time. It's shelter ... universal and essential. If you are considering a home purchase, interest rates are at record lows.
Timing, execution, and experience are the critical variables.

If your plans are to buy or sell in the spring or summer markets,
call me to discuss your options in today's evolving environment.
Resources for Buyers

Download this app to your phone for an easy reference...it's detailed and easy to use.

The language of home buying: ARM, balloon, escrow, PITI...common terms to know.

First, the math! Calculators to compute home affordability, debt-to-income, rent v. buy.

Resources for Sellers

The most cost-effective way to spruce up your home is a top-to-bottom cleaning.

How to manage short-notice showings, and impress the Buyer at every showing.

Tips for keeping your home clean, decluttered and organized ... and ready for last minute showings.
April Showers Bring May Flowers
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Grow native! Native plants use less water, require less care, and provide habitat for birds and bees.

Basic cultivation information and care calendars for each of the common lawn grasses.

Elevate patios and ponds, balconies and urban spaces, with luscious color, texture, and edibles.
Tips for maintaining your home inside and out.
Outdoor Living and Entertaining
Design: Pergolas, Patios, Decks
Choose a design to shelter your patio, deck or pool. An ideal way to add interest, and to filter light without blocking it.

Indulge your summer style ... elegant, expansive, lush or cozy? Find your favorite.

From colorful to monotone, shady to sun-drenched, rustic to retro ... ideas to inspire.
Home and Family
The Art of Kitchen Improv and more.
Online cooking classes, free through April 30.

Get smart! 8 Ivy League schools now offer free courses across multiple platforms.

Get outside, get creative ...
 If Netflix shows aren’t your cup of tea, maybe one of these is. It’s from 2018, but it still holds up.

 Bon Appetit's list of best places to order vino online. Stock up for your next virtual happy hour.

Challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits.
Plant Tomatoes | Sow Seeds for Marigolds, Cosmos, Zinnias | Sharpen Mower Blades