Reminder to All Atlantic Symposium Registrants: Your In-Person AcuCongress Training and participation in the AcuCongress Virtual Federal Fly-In on December 8, 2021 is INCLUDED in your price of registration. Please don't register twice for the fly-in!

For those who cannot make it to the Atlantic Symposium, virtual training is FREE TO ANYONE IN THE INDUSTRY. This will prepare you for ANY legislative effort, regardless of affiliation or timing, especially if related to the shepherding effort of HR 4803: Acupuncture for Seniors Act 2021 (Chu, CA27.)

For those who would also like to attend the AcuCongress Virtual Fly-In, you may register solely for the event through the Atlantic Symposium, where we house our live training opportunities. Remember that state association members receive $20 off registration using the code "STATEFX" and $30 off if they bring a patient to the fly-in using discount code "PXFX". (You do not have to register the patient, this is no additional charge...only a discount.)