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February 2018 Newsletter

Course Updates & Industry News
Now with Revolutionary Audio Flashcards that help you study when you are on the go - and Simulated, Timed Practice Exams for the API 510, 570, 580, and CWI courses
Atlas rolls out first of it's kind Audio Flashcards and Simulated Timed Practice Exams
As Atlas API Training students have experienced over the past few years, we are constantly involved in research & development seeking to perfect and expand our online and onsite training courses.

Now we are very happy to announce that we will be adding audio flashcards to all the courses. We already have audio flashcards available for the CWI course. This means a student can listen to the training flashcards while driving, while on break, or in the comfort of their own home. They are composed of quiz/exam questions which are read and followed by the answer. The audio flashcards add another method for a student to prepare for the certification exam.
We are also very happy to announce that simulated, timed practice exams for the API 510, 570, 580, and CWI courses have arrived. We will be adding these to the 653 and 1169 very soon.

"Remember, when the job market in the oil, petrochemical and power industries starts to dry up, we all become very aware of how important certain certifications and advanced education qualifications can be."  (Hannon Mcleod - President of Atlas API Training LLC)
This is a strong example of the Atlas Training difference.

Pass the AWS CWI exam the First Time
The Atlas API Training Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) online exam prep course is available separately for parts A, B & C or students can take the entire course at a discounted price.

Our uniquely different AWS CWI Online Exam Prep Course takes the AWS Certified Welding Inspector training to a new level. The Atlas course uses dynamic slide presentations and over 1600 interactive quiz questions to prepare students for the fundamentals, practical, and code portions of this most comprehensive exam. The parts A, B & C of this course can be purchased separately, or the entire course can be purchased at a considerable savings.
Another thing making the Atlas CWI course so unique, is the convenience of being able to take the course anywhere at any time - the entire course is mobile responsive, so the mobile devices can be used. The audio flash cards can be played anywhere over a smart phone. The unique interactive quiz question bank actually teaches the student while they are taking the quiz.

Feb 1, 2018

"I'd like to take the time to thank Atlas API and especially the teaching staff and Hannon McLeod for your amazing diligence and help with any issues I had throughout the training sessions and modules. There wasn't a single time when I had an issue with not quite understanding something that an answer and guidance wasn't given to help me through it and helping me with passing the exam on my first attempt with an over 95% score. I highly recommend Atlas API for training sessions for your desired Certification needs and will be using Atlas for more of my upcoming API certifications."
Thank you
Dave Miller
Lead Inspector
Greystone Inspection

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In Atlas's revolutionary approach to certification training, our onsite training courses can be combined with online training to produce the very best learning combination available in the industry. This allows the student to prepare before the onsite class and to review the course after the onsite training class. This enables the student to prepare for a certification exam much more thoroughly than a conventional classroom course alone. The online portion is not just a partial pre-training course. It is the full online version of the course.

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