Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
July 2018 Dream Journal
Young humanitarians from The Atlas Club of Riverside High School in Greenville, South Carolina , under the leadership of their extraordinary dedicated teacher Anne Snow visited our Cambodian community in June. It was a culmination of years of hard work and fundraising. 10 very excited and mature students plus parents, brought a donation of $6000 and 10 bulging bags of clothes, toys, Legos, and games which were readily received by the community.
The group immediately jumped in to help serve breakfast, read to the kids in the library, assist with health checks, and play sports. When they discovered a classroom full of kids with no teacher, they took over for the day and did math and games with the kids.
They even learned how to hoe the ground and plant seeds. They had one-on-ones with our scholarship students and learned how different their lives were without cell phones, internet or air conditioning. 
At the end of an eye-opening week they brainstormed and voted on how to allocate their fundraised money. A computer lab for 1,075 high school students was the main item. They then wisely chose 2 field trips for the older kids, one to go hiking in Kulen Mountain and the other for a Career fair excursion to the city to explore possible job opportunities in the city.

The American students were joined by Chinese Katherine Wang (5th time volunteer) and Elaine Jiang who returned for a 10-day visit. They have again sponsored numerous latrines and water wells.
The most fun evening with our visiting volunteers and volunteer interns, was a cooking class at  Memoire D’Angkor Hotel, our long time local partner. 20 participants were divided into 4 groups and we had a cook-off. Thanks to all our wonderful Chefs and Sous-Chefs, all groups each managed to turn out three edible dishes.  
New 2019 Scholarship Students
June is the month when we ask our Grade 9 students to write essays and tell of their dreams for the future. We read 29 submitted essays and whittled them down to 11 applicants.

After the oral interviews, we chose 8 exceptional and deserving students who need your support to make their dreams come true. It costs $500 per year for high school as we provide uniforms, clothes, extra tuition fees and monthly rice for the family.

100 Bikes Donated
The leadership of The Forgotten Intl noticed that many of our students were walking miles to school and sometimes dropped out due to lack of transportation. There are no school buses or public transportation in the rural areas! They generously donated 100 bikes to our most deserving students.

The bikes are numbered and the kids have promised to look after them as well as attend school regularly. The first round was delivered with the help of Atlas students. The second batch will be given way at the beginning of the next school year in November.
A big thank you to our longtime supporter, Jill Tucker, who each year remembers her visit to Cambodia and gives generously. Thank you for the new $2000 donation . 

We sadly lost one of our regular supporters who was also sponsoring two of our scholarship students. Gratitude and blessings to the soul of Merrill Petrow, who remembered us in her estate and left $10,000 to CCDO. We will use the funds wisely and ensure that her two proteges finish their education.
A warm welcome to Cobie-Ray Johnson from the USA.

She is interning with us in Cambodia for the next month and will continue to help CCDO in New York Office in her spare time when she returns to University in September.

We sadly said goodbye to volunteer Eli DuPlooy who had been managing our piglet program for the past 6 months. She is returning to South Africa and we will miss her.

A fond farewell to long term volunteer Terry Knight who has dedicated the past 8 months to our Communications. Terry is returning to Canada and will still be responsible for our Facebook posts.
Cobie-Ray volunteer
Phebe Depoortere was with CCDO for 3 months continuing to write grant applications for much needed projects. She had little experience when she began and soon made her mark and helped write virtually one grant a week. We have already seen fruition of some of the grants. Fantastic job, Phebe!

Our Cambodian Cube Library Lacks a Librarian..
Do watch a short and fun video of how the fantastic new library from our Singapore donors came to life!

However, we need a permanent librarian and art supplies. Please click here to donate and keep the doors open and the children reading