TO:            Owners/Management Agents
FROM:       Asset Management, Management & Development Division
SUBJECT:   Attachment B Form
DATE:         4/24/18

Please be advised that the Attachment B form that is used to request funds primarily from the replacement reserve account for capital expenditures has been revised. The process and use of the form is basically the same but we redesigned it to add an additional section and brief instructions.

The following is the process for submitting the Attachment B form.

  1. The Owner/Agent will complete Part I and submit the form to your Asset Manager for review and approval. 
  2. The Asset Manager will review the form and either approve or decline the request and return the form to the Owner/Agent.
  3. If approved and after the work has been completed, the Owner/Agent will complete Part II (NEW) and submit the form along with the necessary back-up documentation to the Asset Manager for payment (Note: All “new” vendors must submit a W9).
  4. Your Asset Manager will review the request for payment, complete the “Approved Amount”, add any special instructions, sign, date and forward to the M&D Administrative Assistant for payment process.

Please take note from number 3 above that if you are requesting New Hampshire Housing to pay a vendor directly, a W9 must be submitted with the Attachment B when seeking payment. We cannot pay any vendor without a W9 on file. This also includes the Ownership entity of the property. The Replacement Reserve Policy that is on our website still applies.

After receipt of this email going forward for new approvals, please use this revised form. If you have submitted an Attachment B on the previously approved form, you do not have to re-submit on the new form. The link to the new form can be found here .

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your Asset Manager.

Asset Management Staff
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