Call ICE Now to Demand the Release of these Families! 
"I tied it up in my neck just to, like, kill myself. I'm just alive now. I don't want to be in a detention center. I don't want my children to be here. So I thought, ok, let's finish myself, they may release my children.
You finish yourself for your children."
- Samira, mother detained in Karnes since December

Samira and Nazifa are Afghani sisters-in-law who are detained in Karnes Family Detention Center with their children. Samira has two kids, ages 3 and 9 and Nazifa has one baby boy who is only 10 months old. They fled Afghanistan after the Taliban began threatening their family for operating a Western-style co-ed school. They came to the United States to seek asylum but they have been detained since December. 
The time in detention has been devastating for this family. Nazifa must care for her breast feeding infant in a jail. Samira's 9 year old son constantly asks her why his friends get to leave the detention center yet he and his family remain detained. Samira has struggled with depression for years. She has sought help within the jail, but to no avail. 
She knows the remedy to her depression: freedom.
On Friday, May 12, Samira attempted suicide. She says she tried to kill herself so that her children could be free. She was sent to a local hospital for a few days only to be returned to Karnes. She is still detained with her children, still not free.
Samira's suicide attempt happened within days of Jean Jimenez-Joseph's suicide in the Stewart Detention Center in Georgia. ICE has proven that they cannot care for those in their custody, and we demand the release of Samira and Nazifa and their children before it's too late.
Ramadan begins this evening. This family deserves to observe Ramadan outside of detention, as free people. Attorneys have refiled requests with ICE that both families be released and RAICES is encouraging concerned community members to call San Antonio ICE and demand that they release Samira and Nazifa and their children immediately. 
Call or Text ICE in San Antonio Field Office: (210) 389-8235
Script: Hi, I'm calling to demand the release of Samira Hakimi and Nazifa Nabizada with their children. I know that Samira attempted suicide and is now back in Karnes. I'm concerned for the safety and wellbeing of both the mothers and their children. This family has been detained far too long and deserve to be free.
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