Motorcoaches Rolling for Awareness
Send coaches for a rolling rally in Washington, DC
Dear UMA/ABA Members and Friends,

It is with great excitement that we are announcing an industry rally in Washington, D.C., on May 6 and we want you to be there!

ABA and UMA have combined resources to orchestrate this once-in-a-lifetime event designed to get our industry back on the road. Named Motorcoaches Rolling for Awareness. We are inviting our members to travel in a coach (or coaches) and roll through Washington on May 6 at 10:30 a.m. ET. All coaches will carry industry messaging as we drive through our nation’s capital to raise awareness for our industry and ASK for government support in the form of $15 billion of directed funds for “over-the-road bus carriers”. 

Participants will travel from their states in convoys to create local, regional and then national news coverage. For members who cannot make the trip, other members will have “donor” coaches available that can represent your business and state on your behalf for a pre-determined cost and organized through the Ohio Motorcoach Association. Thanks to Bill Torres at DC Trails, we have already begun the planning and logistics to ensure we have proper permitting, routing and staging within DC. 

Our current letter and email campaigns are gaining traction, however, we must act now to raise awareness of the impact our industry has on the economy, public safety and disaster relief. It is time to get your coaches rolling again.

Event Specifics:

  • When: May 6 rolling out at 11:00 am eastern time
  • Where: Staging and event will take place in Washington DC – route map
  • Who: All ABA and UMA members are invited to participate

Cost:    $20 parking fee for staging area
             “Donor” participation pre-arranged with operator

What do I need to do?

• Reach out to your state government representatives and let them know you will be attending
             O Send the press release. (to come)
             O Invite them to join you and meet with you when you arrive in DC
• Watch for ongoing updates and share this initiative with your colleagues, family and friends. 
• Go to webpage for key participant information, including expectations and event requirements etc.   
• A press release and talking points will be provided, however, members of ABA and UMA will be on hand to speak with the press

Any questions? Send an email to

We look forward to seeing you rolling on the Capitol on May 6!

Larry Killingsworth,
United Motorcoach Association
Peter Pantuso,
American Bus Association