The Evolution of Eddy Current Array

Mafraq Hotel Abu Dhabi , Abu Dhbai  

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Speakers :


 Keith Sinclair - EddyFi

Jitender Yadav - Eddyfi

You are cordially invited to attend a one-day seminar on eddy current array (ECA) technology at   Hotel Mafraq in Abu Dhabi on June 15, 2015.  The seminar is hosted by Eddyfi Middle East and Integrity Scientific Laboratory Equipment Trading (Eddyfi's distributor in the UAE and Oman).
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The topics covered will be:

  • Heat exchanger tube inspection - including ECA for non-ferrous tubes and near-field array (NFA) for finned carbon steel tubes (possibility to replace IRIS) 

  • ECA surface inspection - introducing the Reddy? portable instrument and Sharck? probes for carbon steel weld inspection. 

  •  Crack length and depth measurement in carbon steel welds with the Sharck probe.
  • ECA surface inspection of non-ferrous materials.
  • Eddyfi's advanced IRIS system with turbine speed up to  110 RPS.

  • Eddyfi's MFL probe.                  

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