The District Business Meeting takes place during the Conference at 2:30pm on Saturday, May 18th. Club Presidents and VPEs (or their proxies) and District Leaders will be voting on various topics and electing new District Leaders for 2019-2020.

Please arrive by 2:00pm to check in at the Credentials desk and pick up your ballots.

Download and print the proxy form HERE to send a proxy in place of your Club President or VPE.

The District Business Meeting is FREE, and no registration is required to attend (no refreshments included).
Show your support and participate in your Division contest . A special offer awaits the clubs that have at least three representatives at the Division event. Come by Club Growth and PR Table for details.
Are you working towards your DTM? For a limited time, you can get double credit toward your DTM as a club coach. Contact our Club Growth Director for details.
ePresence - Best Club Website Award
Awarded to the clubs that meet the Judging criteria for the term July 1, 2018 – April 30th, 2019

All clubs that meet all 8 criteria will get a prize and be recognized at the District Conference
The two clubs with the best ePresence (either website, Facebook, etc) will be recognized at the District Conference
  • First place: $101 in District Credit
  • Second place: $50 in District Credit
Golden Quill - Best Newsletter Award
Awarded to the clubs that meet the Judging criteria for the term July 1, 2018 – April 30th, 2019 

First, second and third place awards will be presented at the District Conference.
  • First place: $101 in District Credit
  • Second place: $50 in District Credit
  • Third place: $25 in District Credit

Weekly Club Growth webinars:
  • April 30th (How to become a Club Sponsor - Rita Barber)
  • May 7th (The art in being a Club Coach - Faye Yang)
  • May 14th (The mentorship in being a New Club Mentor - Dave Spence)
  • May 21st (The in and out of Youth Leadership Program and Gavel Club - Sue-May Lin)
More details coming soon!
Nominate an outstanding club or district leader!

District 101 is recognizing outstanding club and district leaders who go A bove and Beyond to help members and clubs succeed. Do you go the extra mile? Do you know someone who does? Submit your nomination now!

Awards will be presented at the year-end Leadership Luncheon in July!

Click here to learn more about the criteria for Club Officer of the Year , Area Director of the Year , and Division Director of the Year , and start the nomination process now!

The goal? To raise the bar of clubs across the globe to be more uniform and top-performing. As International President Lark Doley puts it, “this will be our new gold standard!”

  1. On your mark... Clubs should begin by doing a deep analysis. Be proud of accomplishments but be realistic about what needs tweaking. Find the gaps and areas of weakness during the first month.
  2. Get set... Next, fill in the gaps during the second month, striving to be 'the best club possible.' Hold open houses and recruit new members.
  3. Go! By the third month, clubs should be in full force to pump up their wow factor! Get members to think and say "wow!" when they attend a meeting.
Meet District 101's newest " One in 101", Henry Miller, our first Pathways DTM in DISTRICT 101.

Henry has been a Toastmaster for 22 years and during this journey has been Speech District Champion, District Governor, District Toastmaster of the Year, and District VP of Education. Click here to read about Henry's journey so far with Toastmasters.

There are many opportunities in Toastmasters that are open to members to explore. Not only do you gain important management and teamwork skills while helping others, but these roles qualify you to receive credit towards a DTM. (Last chance to receive credit to get your DTM under the traditional educational program.)
Coach a Club
As a Club Coach, you will help to coach a club to rebuild membership and restore quality to the club environment. Your responsibility is to help the club achieve recognition in the Distinguished Club Program.
Are you interested in being a Club Coach?   Click here for more info.
Mentor a Club
As a new Club Mentor, you will share your expertise on the best practices of running a successful club with a newly formed club. Your responsibility is not to run the club but to guide it towards excellence.
Are you interested in being a Club Mentor?   Click here for more info.
Club Lead
D o you have an idea to start a new club?
Do you work in a company that could benefit from a Toastmasters club?

Make it happen!
Club Lead Program

Club Ambassador Program - The Club Ambassador Program (CAP) encourages visits to other clubs and rewards the member's growth through this exploration experience. Every visit to a new club is an opportunity to learn new practices to take back to your club(s) and share the best practices you already know.  

GET double the points by visiting one of our "Featured Clubs of the Month"!
Each month we will feature 12 clubs as " Featured Clubs of the Month ". Visit any of these clubs to get extra points towards District recognition.
Congratulations to all the clubs that joined the President's Club!

Visit the District Programs page to see the full list of clubs

Orbiters Toastmasters Club (60 years)
Silicon Valley Toastmasters (37 years)
Coherent Communicators Toastmasters Club (21 years)
True Talking Toastmasters (TTT) (15 years)
Maxim Toastmasters (7 years)
Stryker Toastmasters (5 years)
831 Storytellers (4 years)
Mountain View Toastmasters (4 years)
Amazon Cupertino Toastmasters (2 years)
QSpeak (2 years)

Jessica Jones
Evening Toastmasters Club

Come see Jessica and many others sail through the DTM Hug Line at the District Conference Hall of Fame luncheon on May 18th!
Vol3, No10, April 2019