April 2018 - In This Issue:
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District Conference in the full newsletter!!

The District Business Meeting takes place during the Conference at 2:30pm on Saturday, May 19th.  Club Presidents and VPEs (or their proxies) and District Leaders will be voting on various topics and electing new District Leaders for 2018-2019.  

Please arrive by 2:00pm to check in at the Credentials desk and pick up your ballots.

Download and print the proxy form HERE  to send a proxy in place of your Club President or VPE.

The District Business Meeting is  FREE , and no registration is required to attend (no refreshments included).

Do you have an attractive flyer or newsletter to promote your club?

Bring a stack of your club's PR material to showcase at the May 19th District 101 Annual Conference! Drop your material off at the PR Table  at the start of the morning. (A flyer stand can be helpful in helping your flyer stand out!)


Network!  Learn!  Be Entertained!

The stakes are higher! Who will be sailing on to District 101's May 19th Tall Tales and International Speech Contest and be our next champion??  Register to attend your Division Contest  to find out!

Join the Club Ambassador Team!

Earn recognition and even a seat at the District Conference's Sunday Breakfast Session  with Johnny Campbell when you become a Club Ambassador !

Simply find and visit a club. Then  submit a report with your feedback and learnings. The first 10 ambassadors to submit 10+ reports by May 10th join 
David Benjamin
with a FREE entry to the May 20th Sunday Breakfast Session at the District Conference!

Invite Club Ambassadors to visit your club and your club could win the District 101 Hospitality Award and $25 in District Credit for being the "most visited".

Visit the Club Ambassador page for ideas to help make your meetings more fun and productive!

Are you passionate speaking about a hobby or other special interests? 
Take part in the  Gift Bag Challenge  and  share your idea  to start a new club!

Are you working towards your DTM and need to get your ALS credit? 
Are you looking for a Sponsor credit or need to check off your HPL project? 
District 101 has the Solution!! 
We have two unique programs to help you get to your Destination. 

P articipate in  A Club for a Club   District Program and 
w ork with your fellow club members to support the start of a new club!

Or follow through with your own idea to inspire new Toastmasters to start a new club
with the Bona fide Best District Program!

 Congratulations to  Marc Miller f or being District 101's very first  Bona fide Best !
Marc not only earned Sponsor credit, but received $50 in District Credit 
for helping to charter Interconnected Toastmasters!
Nominate an outstanding club or district leader!

District 101 is recognizing outstanding club and district leaders  who go the extra mile to help members and clubs succeed within and beyond their club.  Do you go the extra mile? Do you know someone who does? Submit your nomination now!

Awards will be presented at the year-end Leadership Luncheon in July! 

Click here  to learn more about the criteria for  Club Officer of the Year, Area Director of the Year, and Division Director of the Year,  and start the nomination process now!
Congratulations to all the clubs that won the 
New Year's Challenge and joined the President's Club!

Visit the District Programs page to see the full list of clubs!
Welcome our newest Distinguished Toastmasters!

Lydia Lee
Next Step Toastmasters, Toasters R Us

Sriraj Vaidyanathan
Hot Buttered Toastmasters, Leadership 101, An Advanced Toastmasters Club 

Come see Lydia, Sriraj and many others sail through the DTM Hug Line at the District Conference Hall of Fame luncheon on May 19th!
Happy April Club Anniversaries!

Orbiters Club (59 years)
Silicon Valley Toastmasters (36 years)
Coherent Communicators (20 years)
True Talking Toastmasters (14 years)
Maxim Toastmasters (6 years)
Stryker Toastmasters (4 years)
831 Storytellers (3 years)
Mountain View Toastmasters (3 years)
Amazon Cupertino Toastmasters (1 year)
QSpeak (1 year)