Attendance Awareness Campaign Update
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July 30, 2020
Kicking off Attendance Awareness Campaign 2020!

We've launched the eighth annual Attendance Awareness Campaign with the theme Present, Supported and Engaged! In this uncertain year, we are encouraging everyone to focus on growing and maintaining relationships between families, students, teachers and schools, whether learning is in person, remote or some other form.

Students are more likely to participate, focus and learn in this new environment if they feel safe, connected and supported, and believe they can learn and achieve. The word “Engaged” highlights the role everyone, from educators to health professionals, to local agency and business partners can play in addressing the effects and impact of stress while helping to reestablish the routine of school.

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We all can help connect students and families to needed resources that can help them to overcome barriers to accessing rich learning opportunities. Download our 2020 Key Messages

As we plan for the upcoming school year, we urge states, districts and principals to reinstate practices for taking daily attendance and using data on absenteeism to target and offer needed supports to students and families. To support this, we’ve developed a new data framework and additional metrics  for monitoring attendance in any type of distance learning: contact, connectivity, relationships and participation.

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New Webinars!
Our next free webinar will focus on addressing the impact of trauma while reestablishing the routine of school. Register here . The webinar, Creating an Engaging and Restorative Environment to Support Transitions to School , is on Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

We need your help to get the word out! Send this webinar description  to colleagues, insert it in newsletters, or share our social media messages (below) about the webinar.

Save the Date!
Our final AAC 2020 webinar, Best Practices for Successful Transition During Covid-19, is on Wednesday, September 30, 2020.
Attendance Tools

To assist educators and administrators develop plans for school resuming amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we developed Present, Engaged and Supported: A Guide to Planning Transitions to School , and the companion Transition Attendance Analysis Tools. The guide and tools are organized as District, Elementary (PreK-5), and Secondary (6-12). Used together, they enable planning for the fall semester and other transitions in schooling as the year progresses.

We are releasing the Analysis Tools in pilot form to make them available for developing plans for the 2020-21 school year. Learn more .
Kaiser Permanente’s Planning for the Next Normal at School playbook offers practical strategies and actions to address school health issues critical for teaching and learning, whether that is in person, virtual or a mix.
Policy News

States are moving forward on requiring districts to document absences and to report chronic absenteeism rates for the 2020-21 school year. In California, new attendance monitoring measures include documenting daily participation and developing tiered reengagement strategies for all kids who are absent from distance learning. The measures are included in the state’s 2020-21 budget summary .

The Ohio Department of Education has also released new guidance on attendance that requires monitoring attendance for synchronous and asynchronous learning, as well as taking in-person attendance. Districts are required to report hourly attendance.
In Mississippi, districts must take attendance in their student information systems, whether classes are in-person or virtual. See Reporting Attendance for Virtual Learning , and learn more here .

The America’s Promise Alliance report, All of Who I Am , offers insights about how young people describe and experience social and emotional supports, and how these approaches improve their learning. Researchers conducted group interviews with more than 100 students at different locations. Find All of Whom I Am .
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Attendance in the News

School Nurses Turn To Telehealth To Reach Students , Honolulu Civil Beat, July 6, 2020

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Join @attendanceworks @IELconnects on 8/19 for an AAC webinar! Speakers will discuss how districts & schools create caring, supportive school environments, in the midst of uncertainty, that encourage students to attend & participate. Register: #SchoolEveryDay

@attendanceworks’ new Present, Engaged and Supported: A Guide to Planning Transitions to School helps educators & administrators develop plans for resuming school amid the unique challenges presented by #Covid19. Take a look:
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