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June 28, 2022

Using Data to Focus Interventions

Summer is an ideal time for schools and districts to review and analyze last year’s attendance data. Chronic absence data, when broken down, will help identify which students might be in need of additional support and recovery interventions. If it is a large number, use the summer to put in place an especially warm welcome back to school and support to help with attendance challenges. 

Summer programs can also use chronic absence data from the first few weeks of operations to notice which students need support. If you notice families experiencing challenges showing up to your program, consider using our Family Help Bank.  

We’ve gathered materials to help schools, districts and communities to calculate, analyze and use local data to provide targeted support and implement the R.E.A.L. framework. Find it all in Step 3 of the Showing Up Matters for R.E.A.L. toolkit.

Ethical Schools interviewed Hedy Chang, our Executive Director, for their podcast, Solving chronic absence: A whole-school approach. Listen to the podcast here


Our next AAC Webinar is: Ensuring a Welcoming, Healthy and Restorative Start to School, Wednesday, August 3, 2022: 12pm-1:30pm PT / 3pm–4:30pm ET. Register here for this webinar and learn about the other 3 in the 2022 webinar series!

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Hedy Chang, Executive Director
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Attendance Tools

The most powerful tool adults have to manage stress and to help our young people manage stress is the human relationship. Pamela Cantor offer ideas for adults to reassure children. Read 8 Tips for Parents and Caregivers: Restoring a Child’s Sense of Safety After School Shootings.

Healthy schools recognize and advance the mental, physical, social and emotional wellbeing of students and school staff. The National Healthy Schools Collaborative’s Ten-Year Roadmap features hundreds of opportunities for action on the federal, state and local levels.

Download our NEW case statement to help you discuss with Housing Organizations how a focus on attendance can enhance asset management, with ideas for how organizations and managers can address chronic absence with families and student residents. Find the case statement.

National Policy

Two years after Covid-19 upended how schools monitor attendance, most states have resumed requiring daily attendance taking across all modes of learning. Why is this worth celebrating? Student recovery efforts are unlikely to have results unless students are in school to benefit from the programming. Read our NEW report Monitoring Who Is Missing Too Much School.

When chronic absence data is publicly available, all stakeholders can see and address inequitable access to learning opportunities. The federal government has a role to play in helping states share data in ways that are easy to find, use and understand. Read our new blog post with input from the Data Quality Campaign.  

Data Tools

After the school year ends is an excellent time to examine who was chronically absent last year. Learn more about our tools here.

Professional Development

Calling district and school teams! Register for our three-part e-training for educators. We've opened new dates in August and September. Learn more and register here!

Corporate Sponsors

Thank you AAC 2022 Corporate Sponsors! Their support helps to make it possible for us to offer – at no charge webinars and resources that equip everyone to improve student engagement and attendance.

RaaWee K12 provides a highly robust collaboration platform where school districts implement best practices for tracking students’ attendance and managing interventions.
Safe and Civil Schools empowers educators to create safe and supportive school environments that promote student learning and lifelong success.


Join us, Kaiser Permanente and Healthier Generation as we discuss school health promotion and chronic absence, with tips and tools for participants. Register for Connecting Student Attendance and School Wellness Outcomes, on Tuesday, June 28, 3pm ET / 12pm PT. Everyone who registers here will receive a link to the recorded event.

Attendance in the News

Two years after Covid, most states doing better reporting attendance, study finds, EdSource, June 15, 2022

To fight absenteeism, this school sorted its students into Hogwarts Houses, Journal Inquirer, June 18, 2022

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A new report @attendanceworks shows that 2 years after Covid-19 upended how schools monitor attendance, most states have resumed requiring daily attendance taking across all modes of learning. Find the report: #SchoolEveryDay

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