September 6, 2017
Celebrate Attendance Awareness Month
Join the Washington Unified School District (WUSD) in celebrating September as Attendance Awareness Month. This national and statewide initiative promotes awareness of the important role that school attendance plays in achieving academic success. 

Led by Attendance Works, the goal is to ensure that every district in the country not only tracks chronic absence data beginning in kindergarten or ideally earlier, but also partners with families and community agencies to intervene when attendance is a problem for children or schools. 

We all know that achievement and student success are directly linked to attendance. If children don’t show up for school regularly, they miss out on fundamental reading and math skills and the chance to build a habit of good attendance that will carry them into college and a career.

Our district is dedicated to providing ongoing communication, support and encouragement around the importance of student attendance. The most important thing we can all do for our children to be successful in life is to get them to school every day and on time.

Download this helpful infographic highlighting how you can help build good attendance habits and do your part to spread the word by sharing with your friends, family and other community members. #schooleveryday
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