Attendance Awareness Month Update
August 2, 2017
Tools Spotlight
Early August is the time when communities ought to be solidifying their attendance messaging campaigns and making sure that partners across the community can help schools and parents reduce absenteeism. But what can partners do? And how can you convince them to join in? Our case statements will help you bring partners on board, and they offer suggestions for getting involved.

Resource Spotlight

Start off the school year right with our updated Sample back to school letter to help you to effectively communicate with families about attendance. A survey of a diverse mix of low-income families by the Ad Council found that parents do want their children to do well in school. However, most don't know how many days their student is absent each year or understand the connection between strong attendance and achievement.
Policy Spotlight

Did you know that 14 out of 17 officially submitted state plans for implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) include a measure of chronic absence in their accountability systems? (See this chart) We've launched a series of blog posts that examine attendance-related issues that are emerging as states work through the complexities of responding to ESSA. Our first blog takes a look at different approaches to chronic absence indicators in state plans.
Attendance Awareness Campaign New Webinar

There is still time to sign up! Registration guarantees that you'll automatically receive a copy of the recorded webinar. August 8, 11-12:30 pm (PT) / 2-3:30 pm (ET). The Secret Formula 1+2+3: Improving Attendance for our Most Vulnerable Students, will show how to support the most vulnerable children and communities with all three tiers of intervention. Learn more and Register Now!

Each AAM webinar in this series builds on the previous one. If you missed the first two webinars find the recording and materials here.
Action Spotlight

Calling all Superintendents! The Attendance Awareness Month convening partners are calling on local Superintendents across the country to raise their voices and lead the effort to improve attendance. Learn more about the role local Superintendents play in reducing the number of students in your schools and districts who are chronically absent. Encourage your Superintendent to sign on by September 1, 2017 so their name will be included in our Education Week ad published at the end of September.
Partner Spotlight

Research indicates that common health conditions that result in students missing too many days include asthma, influenza, diabetes, obesity, mental health and anxiety and vision problems. The Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making schools healthier places for all students. HSC's Toolkit for Action has practical guidance for creating meaningful change to address health-related chronic absenteeism in schools.
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  • Chronic absence is easily masked by school attendance statistics, even when average daily attendance appears relatively high. Even in a school with 95% daily attendance, 30% of the student population could be chronically absent. How is that possible? Find out:
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