OSHA Scams During COVID-19
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There has been an unfortunate increase in phishing scams amidst the pandemic. As of April 19, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had received 22,335 consumer complaints related to the outbreak, including more than 12,000 fraud complaints. Victims have reported losses of $16.6 million, with a median loss of $557. {Source}

There are three scams in particular that you need to be aware of at this time related to the  Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States (OSHA):

Top 3 COVID-19 OSHA Scams:

1.) Scam: New OSHA Poster
Be aware of an email notifying you that OSHA has a new COVID-19 poster that has to be put up in the workplace or you will be fined thousands of dollars. The company will offer to sell this poster to you in exchange for your credit card number.
There is no such requirement and no poster will ever show up.

2.) Scam: Covid-19 Compliance Program
Another scam is that a new COVID-19 compliance program is available including mandatory Pandemic decontamination protocols, protection measures, and training. Similar to the poster, the scammer will offer to share this information with you for a price.  There is no such compliance program in place. 

3.) Scam: Fake OSHA Inspectors
Fake OSHA inspectors have started to show up at job sites, primarily construction, and levy fines on the spot for infractions, some wildly outside the realm of compliance activities.
These are not OSHA employees and do not have the authority to issue fines.

What You Can Do About These Scams:

1.) Take a Step Back {Shareable Poster}
Even with the pressures of this pandemic, make sure to take some time to evaluate what you really need to do to be in compliance and identify what is a scam. See and
 feel free  to share a helpful poster:  here  or by clicking the image to the right. 

2.) Verify Credentials
Verify any company or "inspector" credentials. Is the company soliciting your business recognized as legitimate? It is always important to verify the credentials of those entering your workplace, especially now in this heightened environment.

3.) Go to the Source
  • OSHA has created a special COVID-19 informational and compliance landing page.  You can access it here.
  • NEW Requirement: OSHA has released Enforcement Guidance For Recording Cases of COVID-19 at your workplace which can be viewed: here.
  • REMINDER: OSHA released a reminder on retaliation against workers reporting unsafe conditions during the Coronavirus Pandemic which can be viewed: here.
4.) Contact Clark
Finally, If you have any questions at all, please reach out to your agent at Clark or directly to Tim McCarty, our Director of Safety & Risk Consulting, by email or phone: (207) 523-2204

We hope you remain safe and vigilant during these trying times and don't forget to make your own health, both physical and mental, a priority as we continue to navigate this pandemic. 

- Your team at Clark Insurance