March 23, 2018
Dear CRPO member:
After receiving more than 800 responses to our November 2017 survey on the criteria for clinical supervisors that will come into effect on April 1, 2018, the Council has deliberated on the results and developed guidelines to help practitioners determine whether they meet the new definition of a clinical supervisor.

As noted in the College's  September 13, 2017 Communiqué, if a practitioner is intending to provide clinical supervision after April 1, 2018 to Registered Psychotherapists in the Qualifying category or to Registered Psychotherapists working towards meeting independent practice requirements, they will be required to submit supporting documentation to verify their credentials and demonstrate supervisory competence. Practitioners in the Qualifying category who are required to practice with ongoing clinical supervision as part of a condition on their membership cannot report supervision hours from practitioners who do not meet the new definition for any registration, category transfer, or independent practice purposes.

To simplify this process, CRPO has developed an Attestation Form for Clinical Supervisors. It is recommended that for supervision which occurs after April 1, 2018, that applicants submit an Attestation Form from each clinical supervisor to ensure their documents meet our requirements. Applicants will upload these completed forms to the "Documents" tab of their CRPO user account for review by staff. Each form will be reviewed on an individual basis, as the College will not be registering or certifying practitioners with a clinical supervisor designation.

The College will also not be advising practitioners on how or where to complete the 30 hours of directed learning in providing clinical supervision. Practitioners who are working towards meeting the criteria to provide clinical supervision are able to pursue the required 30 hours of education and training at any time after the April 1, 2018 deadline. However, it is possible that supervision hours provided between April 1, 2018 and the date on which a supervisor completes their 30 hours of directed learning, may not be accepted by the College.  Additionally, as noted in the definition below and in the Regular Route Registration Guide , staff may request documentary evidence of completion of 30 hours of directed learning.

Any questions related to this matter can be directed to [email protected].

Definition of a Clinical Supervisor
Three years after proclamation of the Psychotherapy Act, 2007, a clinical supervisor is a regulated practitioner in psychotherapy in good standing with their college*, who has extensive clinical experience, generally five years or more, in the practice of psychotherapy, and who has demonstrated competence in providing clinical supervision.
Outside Ontario, a clinical supervisor is an experienced practitioner of psychotherapy qualified to provide clinical supervision in their jurisdiction.

*Includes College of Nurses of Ontario, College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, College of Psychologists of Ontario, Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

In the years following approval of this definition, the Registration Committee has undertaken a review of the criteria to demonstrate competence in providing clinical supervision that will take effect April 1, 2018.  The Registration Committee has approved the following criteria for demonstrating competence in providing clinical supervision:

1. The supervisor must be a member in good standing of a regulatory college whose members may practise psychotherapy.
2. The supervisor must have five years' extensive clinical experience.
3. The supervisor must meet CRPO's "independent practice" requirement (completion of 1000 direct client contact hours and 150 hours of clinical supervision).
4. The supervisor must have completed 30 hours of directed learning in providing clinical supervision. Directed learning can include coursework, supervised practice as a clinical supervisor, individual/peer/group learning, and independent study that includes structured readings.
5. The supervisor must provide a signed declaration that they understand CRPO's definitions of clinical supervision, clinical supervisor, and the scope of practice of psychotherapy.
CRPO staff may request evidence of 30 hours of directed learning in providing clinical supervision and may also request a letter of verification and a statement describing the supervisor's approach to providing supervision.

It is recommended that a clinical supervisor be able to provide their supervisee with a letter attesting to their competency, as set out in 1 through 5 above, that the supervisee would submit as evidence of supervision in the supervisee's application to CRPO.

Note: Supervision provided by an RP (Qualifying) member, regardless of whether they have 1000 direct client contact and 150 clinical supervision hours, will not be accepted after April 1, 2018 for initial registration as a Qualifying member, transferring from Qualifying to full RP status, or obtaining independent practice status.