Why Partnering with Kamisol Accessories & Fashion Consultancy Makes Sense?
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(Washington, DC)
owner, Gigi McMillan is excited to announce our partnership social media exposure program. This program was created to help DC, MD and VA bloggers gain the exposure they deserve and help promote the fashion initiatives of Kamisol. This is how the program works Kamisol Accessories and Fashion Consultancy will be hosting a number of photo shoots throughout the summer, fall, spring and winter. DC, Maryland and Virginia bloggers who choose to partner with Kamisol will come to the photo shoot and cover the event. The bloggers who participate in this partnership will receive FREE coverage through Kamisol's various social media networks. The partnership grants your blog these great incentives: 
  •  Banner Ad on Website  
  • Blog shout out and feature on Kamisol's blog about your fashion mission
  • Article promotion through Kamisol's Twitter, Facebook,  and PR agencLJW Social Media & PR Strategies 

Most recently the owner of Kamisol Gigi McMillan was featured in Diary of a Corporate Room FashionistaThe photos and credits were also published on Kamisol's website and promoted heavily on all social media networks.  


A blogger photo shoot partnership with Kamisol Accessories and Fashion Consultancy guarantees media exposure and a social media marketing campaign led by LJW Social Media and PR Strategies  Don't miss out on this opportunity to receive FREE advertising and social media coverage! 

Kamisol Accessories & Fashion Consultancy Washington, DC

Our mission is to provide personalized style services to clients that are looking to improve or identify a new signature look at an affordable price.

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If you have any questions regarding the partnership and social media details contact LJ Wilson at  info@ljwsocialmedia.com. For information about upcoming photo shoots contact Gigi McMillan at info@kamisol.net. To learn more about Kamisol Accessories go to www.kamisol.net