Attention Brokers

Zillow Syndication is Now Available

The Metro MLS and the Zillow Group data license allows MLS Broker Participants to opt-in to a Zillow feed to display active listings on the Zillow Group portals (i.e. Zillow & Trulia) directly from our FlexMLS system.

The opt-in service for Zillow Group is now available via FlexMLS Syndication Preferences to all Brokers members at no additional cost. Current Broker members participating in Zillow RETS Feeds via MLS will automatically be opted-in to the updated Zillow Group feed and your individual fees will be discontinued.

Broker Syndication Preferences

Please review the following documentation  prior to enabling Zillow Syndication to understand all syndication options available to you.

The Syndication Preferences page is available for users with Office-level Broker load, or those who have the ability to login as their Office. It allows the Broker member to make modifications to the default syndication options for the agents within your office.

By default, the Zillow Group Syndication is selected as Broker Opt-In or Not Enabled. The Broker member must opt-in by checking the Enable Feed box if you want your listings to be exported electronically to Zillow.

NOTE: Do NOT uncheck any of the IDX boxes currently enabled in the Syndications Preferences screen.

Any questions, please call the Help Desk at 414.778.5450, o r e-mail

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