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Attention EVERYBODY: It's Time to Focus


So many people claim to have a Vision for a better Society. Yet all we hear is Language of Division.


There are many who would have us concentrate on what separates us, whether they call it the "Haves and Have-Nots", the Rich and the Poor, or the 99% and the 1%.


There is a legitimate and worthwhile discussion to be had on such subjects as "Who Pays" and "How Much". But there are many other worthwhile discussions still to be had. America, we need to Re-focus on the many opportunities we have before us to make this a better place to live and to create a better future for those who follow us.


We have to acknowledge that we can no longer sit around, virtually paralyzed, waiting for Washington to solve our problems. There is no history to suggest Washington will solve our problems and growing concern over whether it can.


We need to demand a new standard from those in government. If those who came to Washington to serve believe they are paralyzed in their ability to do so, we need to show them how to lead by example. Not their example; our example.


If you can stand up from your chair today, do so. If you can act on your own power, do something for those who can't. If you have the ability to help someone else, consider it your privilege, and not your burden. If you can act on your own power, celebrate that privilege by doing something for someone who can't.


John F. Kennedy once said


"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."


I say "ask not what your neighbor can do for you, ask what you can do for your neighbor?" Doesn't it stand to reason that if those who are financially better positioned saw those who are not in the same financial posture and find other ways to help each other, that there would be less resentment that they are the only ones with "skin in the game?" Just because someone is not adequate resources or doesn't have a job at the moment doesn't mean they can't participate in helping others. I strongly believe that anyone who can help another should see it as a privilege and should answer that call.


President Barack Obama has reminded us that   


"We are the Change - We have been waiting for."   


We have the opportunity to make history, change situations, one day at a time. Why not resolve ourselves to make this a better society, one act of service at a time, starting right now?


Look around you.

Get out of your comfortable chair.

Do something today for someone who can't.

Why? Because EVERYBODY can!


Join The Everybody Paddles Movement!



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Charles A. Archer
Everybody Paddles
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