May 26, 2021
We know here at Northland we have avid readers who read many books over the summer break. The English Department has created a Summer Reading Challenge for students who wish to read more than their summer reading book.

If you are an upcoming 6th-12th grade student, we encourage you to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge! You can log books in addition to your school summer reading book and be entered in a contest. If you read 4 books of at least 200 pages, you can join us for a donut party when we come back to school in the fall. We will have one for middle school and one for high school. Additionally, the middle school student and the high school student who read the most books will receive a Barnes and Noble gift card.

Record your books on the reading log and bring it with you the first day of school to your English teacher.

Happy Reading!
Your Northland English Department