Insurance Claims Executives: 
Take advantage of OACTA's discounted $50 annual membership dues for Claims Executives!
Here's What OACTA Membership Can Do for YOU:
  • You can attend OACTA's March 23rd Insurance Coverage Seminar at Grange Insurance in Columbus, at a special reduced rate of $50!  Annually, top attorneys and Claims Executives gather for this seminar to discuss key issues impacting insurers for a day-long seminar focused on insurance coverage. Learn more about the seminar or register today.
  • You can join OACTA's Claims Executive Committee, led by Charlie Wendland (National Interstate) and Dan Winkler (Westfield Insurance), which is geared specifically for YOU and YOUR concerns. By becoming a member of OACTA, you also have the opportunity to become a part of this dynamic committee which has Claims professionals from companies all over the state represented.
  • Members of OACTA, have access to attorneys and Claims professionals across Ohio who can immediately (often the same day) answer your questions related to forensic experts, deposition transcripts, specific court and attorney references, or your "issue of the day" through the OACTA Member Request Network.
  • OACTA's Amicus Program puts you in touch with first rate Coverage Attorneys who can take your issue all the way to the Supreme Court and advocate your position throughout the litigation.
  • Substantive Law Committees address topics of interest to the Insurance Profession such as Governmental Liability, Insurance Coverage, Construction Litigation and MANY MANY more. View the complete list of committees. 
  • OACTA publications (The Update e-news; The Quarterly Review journal) provide updates on what is going on in insurance law and opportunities for members to author articles. The seminars and annual meeting provide speaking opportunities for you and your associates!
  • Check out all the OACTA membership benefits to see all that OACTA can do for you. 
If you work for an insurance company as a claims professional who regularly hires or supervises outside counsel, YOU qualify!
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