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Have you ever wondered whether you might have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)? Linda Roggli has... even though she's never been diagnosed.  But as she says, her perfectionism isn't driven by a willful selfish obsession or compulsion. She suggests that, for those with ADHD, it may be a fundamental lack of the ability to control themselves. In our featured article this month, " OCD and ADHD, a Love Affair," Linda shares her insight about her need to keep a clutter-free, serene environment. Do you agree?

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Get this! If you apply to the Shark Tank training program, they don't care about spelling and grammar! Listing challenges can be the ticket to get you in. How ADHD cool is that! Learn more from Tom Bergeron of InventiveLabs in our episode, titled "ADHD Shark Tank Training: Fill out Your Application."

Get an ADHD diagnosis from a doctor and spend 15 minutes with this once a quarter versus getting a diagnosis and spending an hour a week with a doctor. Which would help you get on the most effective treatment path? Duh!? Get more information from Dr. Greg Mattingly in our episode, titled "The Best Place to Get a Complete ADHD Diagnosis."

As Peter Shankman sees it, alcoholics say they don't have time to go to a meeting but they find time to drink. If ADHD people want something bad enough, they will make it happen. Get more insight from Peter in our interview with him, titled "Is the Key to Managing ADHD Limiting Choices?"

Are ADHD meds good for everyone? No! The fact is, stimulants don't play well in the sandbox with other medications. Put differently, they don't interact well.. The key, according to Rick Green, is to get an education! Do you agree? Check out our interview with Rick, titled "ADHD Medication: Straight Answers to Big Questions."

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If the obvious solution isn't working, you're attending to the wrong thing. ADDer Eric Tivers has cracked the code on getting to bed on time, but his solution might not be obvious to you. To learn his trick, watch our interview with him, titled "ADHD Time to Help You Get to Bed on Time."

ADHD Tip #299: How tangible reasons help those with ADHD say no. Get Jeff Copper's insight in this video, titled ADHD Tip for Those Who Struggle with Saying No."

ADHD Parenting Tip #47: How to help your ADHD child become more self-aware with ADHD coach and parent Caroline Maguire. Watch this video with her, titled "Mindfulness and ADHD Kids: Tips from the Trenches."

If you don't know how something works, should you procrastinate around figuring out how it does work? Jeff Copper offers his perspective in our video, titled "ADHD: Why I Procrastinate." 

Are you attending to the right thing? If you haven't done it yet, download our a-Book (the "a" is for attention), "Identify YOUR Top Five Hurdles to Managing ADD/ADHD." It has tips Jeff has learned from doing over 300 interviews with ADHD experts. Let your friends know about it, too! They can download it here:
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Brought to you by Time Timer

by Linda Roggli

As a kid, I wanted my books organized by color and size on the bookshelf so I could find them easily (plus it looked so neat and pretty with all Nancy Drew books lined up evenly). Today, I still want the bookshelves neat with soldier straight tomes, in color order. Although I've never been diagnosed, my obsession with order could be called OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder).

Yeah, yeah. All the docs will tell you it's the co-morbidity thing. When you have an ADHD brain it's highly likely that you have some other brain-y stuff going on, too. Like depression. Or anxiety. Or bi-polar disorder. Or learning disabilities. Or OCD.

Not to be too simplistic, but Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is characterized by either obsession (repeated thoughts that you try to stifle but that drive you crazy) or compulsion (thoughts or actions that repeat in an effort to calm your anxiety) or both. The classic example is Jack Nicolson's character in the movie "As Good as It Gets" with his compulsive hand washing and complex security routines. I'm not so sure that I have full-fledged OCD, though. I am not "driven by a motor" (to use ADHD diagnostic language) to organize my books, though it does calm my brain. And in other areas of my life, I am completely disorganized (I call myself a Professional Disorganizer). Instead, I suspect my ADDiva brain is trying its level best to introduce some semblance of order in my otherwise chaotic life. Maybe I have OCD Lite.

I've heard a lot of ADD folks talk about their compulsive need to have things "their way." It appears to the world that we are divas: it's our way or the highway. But it's not willful selfishness that drives our perfectionism. It's our fundamental lack of ability to control our stuff (and ourselves) with ease and flow.

It occurs to me that we can't depend on our brains in the linear sense, so we have to impose rigid order, vigorously conscious. We can't trust ourselves so we overcompensate by obsessing over details that are within our reach, like bookshelves.

The problem is that when our brains focus so intently on consciously creating order, the door opens w-i-d-e to forgetting other things. Like a doctor's appointment. Or buying toothpaste. Or even brushing our teeth (sigh). It's a vicious circle, this ADHD battle with control. Despite outward appearances to the contrary, I truly love living in a clutter free, serene environment. Small pools of blessed tranquility do exist in my life, emphasis on the word "small." While I continue to strive toward widening those oases of calm, my destractible busy brain often thwarts my best efforts.

That's a pretty frustrating way to live. The only option I see is to make peace with my clutter. Oh no. The minute I wrote those words, my anxiety kicked in. Can. Not. Allow. Clutter. For now, my motto will continue to be: Keep. Trying.


Published with permission.
Copyright 2015 Linda Roggli. 
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Thank you for watching. New videos are released weekly, so subscribe and tell your friends about us.

Thank you for watching. New videos are released weekly, so subscribe today and tell your friends about us.
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