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If you have ADHD, do you ever feel out of control because you seem to be forgetting things? Does it exasperate you? And possibly those around you? No worries... it doesn't necessarily mean you have lost control of your senses! In our feature article for this issue of Attention Talk News, Joyce Kubik, Certified Master Coach and ADHD coach, gives us an honest but amusing look at the topic in her blog post, titled "Embracing it! Did I really forget... again?" Here's the link:
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Success Factors in Helping ADHD Relationships
Like other couples, those in ADHD relationships struggle. Often, help is important to get things on track. In this edition of Attention Talk Radio, host and ADHD coach Jeff Copper ( ) interviews ADHD marriage consultant Melissa Orlov ( ) around key success factors that enable ADHD couples to get the most out of relationship help. Want to get help to work toward a healthy relationship? If so, you'll find this interview very helpful.
ADHD: Attending to the Who, Not the What  
Society and those with ADHD have been brainwashed to focus on the "what," as in: What do you want to major in? What do you want to be when you grow up? Often, the "what" becomes the measuring stick to judge "who" you are. Many become condescending and self-critical when "who" they are is not aligned with "what" they think they're supposed to be. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD and attention coach Jeff Copper interviews MCC coach David Giwerc ( ) as they deconstruct things to attend to understanding "who" you are so that you can reveal "what" you were born to be. If you are unhappy or self-critical, this is a show you shouldn't miss.
The Value of Dating Yourself
Many with ADHD can benefit and learn to manage themselves by paying attention to what they pay attention to. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews Anna Dutko ( ), who did just that. After a breakup, Anna found herself bored on the dating scene. After some self-reflection when asked what she wanted to do, she realized she was the boring part when her response was, "I don't know." This inspired her to go on 30 dates with herself to find out what she liked to do when the only person involved was her. Listen to our interview with Anna and gain insight on the value of the experience and ponder what the same might do for you. It was very transformational for her and helped her find her way to learn more about herself and what she wants in life.
The Lizard Brain: Preyed Upon by All
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) isn't a deficit
of attention but rather a self-regulation issue. It challenges those with ADHD because they must effortfully engage the executive functioning brain to override the automatic brain, the primitive brain, the "lizard brain" as marketers call it. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews Alan Brown, advertising executive with ADHD and the founder of ADD Crusher ( )  and CrusherTV (  ). They discuss ADHD and how your lizard brain falls prey, hunted by politicians, the media, and corporate America and how each exploits your self-regulation challenges for their own self-interests, including how they hijack your amygdala and control your decisions in a programmed way, selling you what doesn't work and then selling it to you again and again and again. Most importantly, they share brain hacks and attention exercises to reclaim control and tame your lizard brain. If you often get buyer's remorse, make decisions impulsively, or wonder how you get into such messes, this is the show that could change your future.
If you have ADHD and you are dating, life is stressful. The question is, if you yearn for a long-term relationship, what's a good match? What should you look for? What are the challenges? In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, we interview ADHD marriage consultant Melissa Orlov ( who shares her insight around things that those with ADHD should know before they get into serious relationships. If you have ADHD and want the stability of a long-term partnership, this is the show that will promote your thinking process and help you make better decisions.

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Videos Released Since Our Last Newsletter

ADHD Relationships: Is it a Task or Trash?
Often those with ADHD have different styles that can conflict in relationships. In this episode of Attention Talk video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper
interviews ADHD marriage and relationships consultant Melissa Orlov ( ) around a very common conflict. If items left "out" are a battleground in your relationship, watch this video.     
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ADHD Challenges: Constructing or Reconstructing via Working Memory
Those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder know what to do. Their challenge is executing what they know to do. Executing often requires the recall or reconstruction of thoughts, ideas, or concepts in their working memory to map out what is to be done. Other times it is about constructing a simulation in their mind via their working memory to predict or foresee a map that will lead to an outcome. In either case the trick is to construct what is to be done. In this video ADHD coach Jeff Copper ( ) puts a spotlight on the topic, discusses its challenges, and shares insights on what is obvious in the world of ADHD. Watch this video alone or consider watching the following two Attention Talk Videos as prerequisites: The first on working memory: and the second related to working memory: 
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An ADHD Relationship Prescription: Self-Care  
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be stressful. Sleep deprivation, stress, and pressure can magnify the problem and isn't helpful in the ADHD relationship dynamic. In this episode of Attention Talk Video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper talks about the value and the benefits of self-care with ADHD marriage and relationship consultant Melissa Orlov ( ). They talk about the values and benefits of each partner insisting on self-care, time, and service of a healthy relationship. If you're in an ADHD relationship, this is a prescription to consider.
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ADHD and the Need for Immediate Feedback
Those with ADHD know what they want to communicate, but the challenge is filtering, organizing, and getting to the point or getting across what they want to say. In this video ADHD coach Jeff Copper ( ) shares what he has learned around the value of feedback for those with ADHD in the communication loop and shares insights that few attend to.  
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ADHD: Is Clutter Trash or Museum Bound?
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and things... Are those things just clutter or are they memories, symbols, and reminders? In this video ADHD coach Jeff Copper ( ) shares insights around ADHD and clutter, why some cling to clutter, and describes a mindset to deal with certain kinds of clutter.
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Is ADHD Like Describing the Color Blue to a Blind Man?
What's obvious depends on what you are attending to. Often, what is obvious to us is invisible to others. In such times describing what is obvious to you can be exceptionally difficult to articulate, but at the same time, others just won't get what you are describing as they have no conceptual understanding of what you are describing. In this video, attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper ( ) shares an attention exercise to help you gain insight on this reality and give you a way to illustrate it with others.
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