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January 2019

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Those close to ADHD -- psychologists, psychiatrists, neurolo¬≠gists, therap¬≠ists, counselors, and others -- frequently reference four distinguishing characteristics that are used to differentiate between those who have ADD and those who do not. One of these traits is "distracted." In this article, Jeff Copper places distractibility into a context to illustrate how the obvious interpretation is a function of what you are paying attention to.   
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You got caught selling ADHD stimulant meds in college red-handed. You are facing 2 felony counts with at least 2 years in jail. Reflecting on the experience, if you could go back and talk some sense into yourself, do you think you would have listened to the advice? Listen and understand real world insight from someone who had the experience.
Multi-Part Series on ADHD Stimulant Awareness 
ADHD stimulant medications are often controversial, and questions abound around their use. Awareness and education are key. That is why attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper is releasing this multipart series dedicated to ADHD stimulant awareness. We have no doubt you will find these shows enlightening. Here are a few of the shows from the series: 
  • What impact does media sensationalism have on ADHD? Is it positive or negative? Or does it depend? You be the judge. In this episode, we interview Dr. Ann Abramowitz and Dr. Theresa L. Maitland on "ADHD Stimulant Awareness: Media Sensationalism" as Part 7.  
  • If stimulant medications are properly used under the care of a physician, are they addictive? Do you believe stimulants to be physically addictive? In this episode, we interview Anthony L. Rostain, M.D., on "ADHD Stimulant Awareness: Are They Addictive?" as Part 5.     
  • What are the long-term implications of poor performance in school, struggles at work, relationships, smoking, drinking? How do those risks compare to the risk of taking ADHD meds? In this episode, we interview Rick Green of Totally ADD on "ADHD Stimulant Awareness: Long Term Effects" as Part 4. 
  • Could it be that the stimulant referred to as Adderal actually gets its name because it was thought to treat all people with ADD? In this episode, we interview Dr. John I. Bailey, Jr., on "ADHD Stimulant Awareness: The Basics" as Part 1. We have no doubt you will find this show enlightening.
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ADHD stimulant medications can help individuals perform. We also know those with ADHD have higher incidence of accidents, disability, substance abuse, and more that are a cost to society. So, the question is: Should ADHD medications be a right or are they a luxury?
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ADHD: What Is a Mindset?

Some with ADHD can be sensitive to light. In this video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares his experience and insights on coaching others to manage light to help them focus.
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ADHD Insight: Managing Light 

ADHD Tip: Processing Bills
It's an effort to be organized and it's an effort to be disorganized. In the end, you can't escape the fact that it's going to take effort. ADHD coach Jeff Copper illuminates how it takes effort to be organized and effort to be disorganized. The question really comes down to motivation.  
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ADHD Tip: Processing Bills 

Some with ADHD can be sensitive to movement. In this video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares his experience and insights on coaching others to manage focus by putting themselves in situations where there are no crowds and putting them in the middle of a crowd as a means to help them manage their attention. 
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ADHD Insight: White Experience
Does creating content come easy for those with ADHD? For some, yes, for others, no. In this video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares his insights and things to consider when you struggle with creating content..
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ADHD Insights: Creating Content
If you have ADHD, should you focus on goals, make plans to achieve goals, or activate to implement a plan? In this video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares his thoughts on what and where you should direct your attention and shares a metaphor to help you understand what it looks like. If you are not making progress on your goals, watch this video.  
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ADHD Tips: Goals, Plans, or Activating 
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