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ADHD isn't so much a deficit of attention but rather an issue of self-regulation, which is the ability to vigorously engage the executive functioning brain to override the automatic brain.This ability to pause, ponder, and choose a different path to proceed is what helps us reach our goals. When it comes to weight management, the rubber meets the road at the point of performance/impact, i.e., the dinner table. Your success at weight management hinges upon self-regulation. Can you pause, identify your triggers, and then design an environment that can help you regulate your urge to eat more than necessary?
To learn more, read "5 Attention Exercises for ADHD, Weight Management, and Self Regulation." Click or copy and paste this link into your browser:
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ADHD Relationships: Love Languages  
Can being heard or understood help in an ADHD relationship? You bet. Listen to ADHD marriage consultant Melissa Orlov ( as she talks about the five love languages and how they can be a valuable tool for ADHD couples. 
ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Can They Co-Occur  
 Is it hard to dissect the differences between ADHD and autism spectrum disorder? Yes, says Dr. Meghan Miller ( Historically, persons who had ADHD were not able to also have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.
ADHD: What's Obvious About Being Productive?    Are you organized? Want to be productive? Then focus on your existing systems with intention. If you have ADHD and need insights on how to be productive, productivity coach Lynne Edris ( shares her insights. 
ADHD Tips: The Relationship Between Worry and Anxiety  
ADHD can be stressful, create a lot of anxiety, and lead to worry. When we feel stress, is external comfort the best way to manage it? Get the scoop from Dr. Sharon Saline ( to learn about awareness and strategies to manage both. 
The Status of an Objective ADHD Diagnostic Test
ADHD is diagnosed subjectively, which is imprecise, leads to misdiagnosis, and other problems. The industry has longed for a definitive test to diagnose the condition on a black-and-white basis. Is a genetic test for ADHD on the horizon? Learn more from Dr. Kenneth Blum.
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Videos Released Since Our Last Newsletter
ADHD and Working Memory: A Plus  
Can forgetting something due to a poor working memory be positive? Watch this video for an example.  
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ADHD: Examples of Why Strategies Falter
Are there times when those with ADHD actually have systems or reasons that legitimize what they do? Watch our video for an example.     
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ADHD: Dr. Russell Barkley Defines Emotions  
 Are emotions an executive function? Do they play a role in the challenges of ADHD? Learn more in our video with Dr. Russell Barkley.  
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ADHD Tips: Dr. Barkley's Six Steps to Manage Emotions
Can medications help a person with ADHD to regulate emotions? To get the scoop from Dr. Russell Barkley, watch this video.    
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ADHD and Athletics: Combining Physical and Attention Exercises
Can your sense of time improve if you use attention exercises to get a better sense of time? .
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 ADHD and Thoughts: The Jigsaw Puzzle in Your Mind
A jigsaw puzzle is about putting the pieces together on a trial-and-error basis to form a picture. Is problem-solving the same as thinking, done only in your mind where you can't see all the pieces? 
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