Dear DMFAH members and friends

The much beloved and popular Attic Sale fundraiser has been postponed to the fall of 2020 but we want all of you who have already worked so hard on this fundraiser to know how much DMFAH has appreciated your efforts to collect items and to get the word out for this event. 

We greet you from the inside of the closed museum where we are still working hard to make sure the staff will be prepared when we open back up to the public. 

We would like to ask you all to help us in making this COVID-19 shutdown and organizational period a smooth transition. We would like to ask that no more Attic Sale items be dropped off at the museum. We will notify all as soon as we are clear on what the postponed date would be and will ask you again to drop off your attic Sale items a week before the event. With the museum being closed we can no longer receive any Attic Sale items. 

Please use this time in lock-down to find a corner in your house where you can build up the items you want to donate. Clean out those closets and cub boards, curate what stays and what goes. But hold on to all items until we open back up to receive these items (a week before the Attic Sale is put back on the new schedule).

Stay safe, spring clean and we hope to see everybody very soon for the Attic Sale Fundraiser.

DMFAH staff
Attic Sale Committee